How to start a pooja samagri business

Start pooja samagri business with 25,000 INR and earn in lakhs

Looking for a business that has no end? Have you ever thought of the pooja samagri business? If yes this is business for you. Indian culture is not complete without puja. God and worship always have a particular place in families, whether traditional or contemporary. Puja samagri and other ceremonial materials are hence greatly needed. There was a period when individuals would list the supplies needed for puja at the start of each month. The goods would subsequently be purchased at a neighborhood puja samagri shop. Now, things are different. Online shopping is available for a wide range of products. You may even acquire puja kits online to do a particular kind of puja. Puja samagris are in great demand, which creates a highly profitable business opportunity.

As per sources, pooja samagri business in India is going to touch $80 billion in 2025. That is the reason we have decided to recommend pooja samagri business. The reason is being 80 percent of population is Hindu and pooja is the integral part of any occasions

Why start a Pooja Samagri Business

  • Spiritual and religious market size is 2,50,000 crore annually
  • You can start with 25,000 INR
  • 40 to 50% profit
  • You can sell 300 types of items
  • Start with 250 sq ft
  • Most of the pooja items have no expiry
  • Minimum risk

Starting a Pooja Samagri Business

You need to choose whether you want to run this as a retail, or wholesale or even franchise. Based on this you will decide the place and budget. Once you’ve decided, be sure to plan your business correctly. It is typically suggested that you start your business on a small scale with little initial investment and then expand it once you have proven yourself. The following are other crucial factors to think about:

Do some market research

It would help you in business if you check the trends. To us, the trend is always healthy and never goes down. The market has a great need for puja samagri of all varieties. Understanding the market need in the region in which you will serve. See how many puja samagri shops exist in that region.

  • No of puja shop
  • Kind of product they have
  • Pricing
  • Product availability
  • No of house and office


So that your products may be sold quickly, you should establish your Pooja Samagri business in an area with great demand. If you do not have the necessary funds to operate a shop in a neighborhood market, you may launch your Pooja Samagri company from home.

Choose the item that you can sell

As discussed location plays a crucial role, you need to check what types of pooja items are required. Added to this you can also check the kind of local rituals. Based on the needs you can choose the items

puja item list

Pooja items list you can stock:

  1. Daily puja items
  2. Pooja kits
  3. Pooja combo
  4. Vastu item
  5. Feng Shui
  6. Crystal collection
  7. Yantra
  8. Jadi booti
  9. Dhanteras pooja
  10. Diwali
  11. Ganesh puja
  12. House warming
  13. Car/bike
  14. Satyanarayan
  15. Lakshmi pujan

There are over 300 pooja samagri available, so decide what works and what’s not in your location.

Where to find bulk inventory

We are sure you will get from your nearby pooja samagri wholesale market. However, the best way is to reach out to the manufacturer so that you will get maximum benefits. No middle man, no third party. Direct manufacturers to your place. Some companies offer cash on delivery. Just Google it, you will get a list of manufacturers. Talk to them if possible, pay a visit to their office. When you visit, ask about the profit. To us on an average you make 40% profit.

Business Structure

Knowing what kind of company strategy you will employ is essential. You might run a standalone business or an online puja shop. When you become a pooja store franchisee, you must follow a particular business model. A franchisee company runs many fewer risks than a start-up does. It can mean that many people are prepared to buy from your businesses.

You can also consider other pooja business model depending on your budget

Authorization and Registration

Because disregarding these elements might cause major issues, do considerable research on the legal aspects of the business, such as registration and licensing.


Hiring staff is crucial when a business is just off the ground because it may be difficult to handle everything on your own. Employing a personal assistant is therefore advised. At first, you can only hire one or two people, but as your workload increases, you can hire more people as you require.


Remember that you will need to market your company aggressively when it starts up if you want to draw in a sizable clientele. With digital marketing, it can be increased even more. To let people know that you have opened a Pooja Samagri business and will sell all the products at fair prices, you should advertise your enterprise in the neighborhood market close to your home.

Risk involved

The pooja samagri industry has the least danger because it consistently grows throughout the year, not just around the festival of Diwali. Consequently, you may anticipate making a profit if you start this firm.

Suggestions to run your business for effectively

The notion of starting a puja samagri business is a very effective business concept as the religious sector develops. We must learn how to use it properly, though. One of those industries that will never go out of style is the commerce of religion. Although it could come out as harsh, it is the situation. Making money from something that helps people in many ways is acceptable.

As the unemployment rate climbs, people are also looking for various business opportunities as a source of income. However, starting from scratch requires a huge investment of time and resources. However, there is always a chance of failure if you put everything into starting a business.

Here are some suggestions to grow your business

  • Think of a nice pooja samagri shop name
  • Get connect with priest (pundits)
  • Create w whatsapp group
  • Social media
  • Flyer/leaflet distributions
  • Appointing sub dealers

Wrapping up

Pooja samagri business: Right time to jump in

According to statistics from all around the world, India’s religious and spiritual economy is one of the industries with the fastest growth rates. There is no question that our culture has a huge impact on and inspires people all around the world. The franchise business concept is among the most well liked types of enterprises—one of the best and most well-liked company concepts, particularly for young and inexperienced entrepreneurs.

A newcomer to a company will usually find it lucrative to launch a franchise, and the best move is to start an Indian puja samagri franchise. Since Indian puja goods are the greatest franchise, there are several advantages to starting one.

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