Top 10 profitable business ideas for rural area

Rural India has traditionally struggled with occupation, but things have improved because of government assistance and the bravery of new businesses. The agricultural industry, mostly based in rural regions, contributes to the expansion of the national economy. Indian villages, however, may also be prosperous places to launch a business. In this post we have suggested top 10 profitable business ideas for rural area. 

Starting a business in a rural region is often easier since there are fewer stringent rules and requirements. They also provide various attractive commercial options, such as rural India being in charge of growing the agricultural industry, which stimulates national economic growth. In villages, new businesses may take advantage of a wealth of commercial prospects and expand and prosper quickly.

India’s most successful rural businesses

Starting a company in a village might occasionally be difficult. However, you may make your firm profitable with adequate market research and a clear audience grasp. So let’s look at some company concepts that might succeed in Indian villages.

Top 10 profitable business ideas for rural area

  1. E-Mitra

The ideal choice for villages is E-Mitra Shop because it can assist farmers and other villagers stay informed about everything. Farmers may quickly learn about the Sarkari Yojana, Subsidy, and many more programs. Farmers also receive all the most recent news on tractor news, agriculture news, weather news, and agribusiness news, thanks to E-Mitra.

  1. Tiny industrial facilities

You can establish small-scale manufacturing facilities in rural and small-town regions to meet local demand and supply goods to surrounding towns and cities. These factories may produce a range of goods, including:

  • Candle and matchbox
  • Agarbatti
  • Paper plate and cup
  • Product packaging
  • Plastic bags, etc.

Urban locations have a sizable market for these goods, but rural places have abundant raw materials that may be used to generate a profit quickly.

  1. Pesticide/fertilizer retailer

Starting a fertilizer/pesticide business makes great financial sense because agriculture accounts for a big portion of the rural economy. Before launching the business, you must make a licensing application. Additionally, you may keep seeds with your fertilizer and insecticides.

  1. Establishing a new educational facility
Educational facility for rural area

Due to the severely low level of education in India’s rural areas, this presents a fantastic potential for start-up businesses. Investment is always a key component, but because labor and material prices are far lower in rural locations than in cities, you may finish your building at a much lower cost than in cities. However, you must ensure that the educational standards are on par with those of the institutions in developed cities. If you deliver a top-notch education, your kids and their parents will have a great deal of respect for you. It is the simplest and most lucrative business idea for Indian villages since you can do it online.

  1. Animal husbandry

Livestock farming is raising cows, goats, and hens, with the cost of doing business including the investment made in the purchase and care of the animals. Business owners have reaped the rewards from this kind of rural enterprise.

  1. Kirana store for groceries

Nearly all facets of society are actively researching this business concept. Groceries are necessary for every home in every hamlet. The easiest business to start in India is a “Kirana” store. Inquire with suppliers about what must be sold, rent a space, and launch the business immediately.

  1. Clothes shop or boutique

A clothing store that opens in a village and offers residents the newest clothing apparel and high-quality fabric will be successful because most villages are remote from larger towns and cities. To bring a variety of clothes on commission, business owners must locate garment suppliers. Because villagers lack the means to visit cities frequently, they must purchase their clothing from the store itself.

  1. Making spice powder

Making spice powder ensures a respectable recovery. Even a spice-making business run out of your house may be profitable. Coriander powder, turmeric powder, and other spice powder are not that difficult. Additionally, there is enormous room for growth, particularly in small towns and villages.

  1. Making Jam and Jelly

Making jam and jellies at home is simple for everyone. You may increase the selection of goods you sell as your firm succeeds. The production of jam and jelly involves standard equipment and gadgets. These diet products are consumables with very acceptable market demands.

  1. Transportation

In rural areas, it might not be easy to find reliable transportation. The lack of organization and structure in a significant portion of village transportation makes this the ideal business opportunity. The main expense associated with starting this business is purchasing the vehicles—which may be done secondhand. You have to keep in mind that most people in Indian communities do not have particular high-income levels. Therefore, you must ensure that the prices they pay to use your transportation service(s) are reasonable. They must be reasonable to accommodate these people’s disposable income.


It is the ideal moment to establish your own business in a hamlet. To maintain your business, you ultimately need to work hard, give it your all, and make financial sacrifices. However, you cannot give in to debt or any other obligation. Create, plan, and come up with ideas. Hope you liked our blog on profitable business ideas for rural area.

FAQ for you

How to get loan to start business in rural area

In order to get a business loan you can visit nearest bank and ask for MUDRA loan

What are the strategies to get business

You can include meet-ups, seminar, flyer distribution, intro offer, public announcement to name a few. Added to this you can appoint marketing person. This not only increases you business but also helps in promotions.

What are the admin work needed

Company registration, PAN card, GST, bank account, etc.

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