Unlock Success with 7 Business Chakras

Why do you think we need to balance chakras in business? Not many understand why and how chakras have to do with the functioning of an organization. Leveraging business chakras can help teams collaborate and work effectively to attain organizational goals.

When they say the body, heart and mind have to be in the right place to run a business success, it means the chakras in your body must align and make this happen. Working in an organization is often stressful, and sometimes, the chakras can get imbalanced, leading to challenges.

Personal and professional growth is achieved by effectively working on enhancing self-awareness and understanding why a well-defined energy alignment will lead to chakra balance.

Let’s check how the chakras in an organization can nurture a collaborative environment, drive innovation and build a thriving culture.

Get success with business chakras

Leveraging business chakras

Root Chakra- foundation and security

The chakra symbolizes the survival instinct requiring a solid foundation and security.

Chakra’s benefit: Businesses need to run in an environment that is continuously evolving. Getting a strong foundation in terms of technology, funding and team will ensure stability and long-term business security. This chakra acts as a container for your ideas, which eventually germinate and allow your vision of building a great business to fortify.

Sacral Chakra- Creativity

Staying stagnant and not being open to new things can often lead to conflict.

Chakra’s benefit: A business is a collaborative effort, and to run it harmoniously, it is necessary to take in new ideas, embrace the risks, implement them and adopt them to ensure growth. As you share the work developments, it is a chakra that allows you to share pleasure and contentment with people around you.

Solar plexus chakra- power

The hunger to succeed and perseverance for excellence come from the core.

Chakra’s benefit: Leadership needs power and the capacity to handle the nitty-gritty of business decisions. Have the right attitude and handling authority to delegate and get the work done to run businesses in the right manner.

Heart Chakra- empathy

The need to feel and understand oneself and others is important to be able to live harmoniously.

Chakra’s benefit: Understanding the customer’s needs and knowing more about your team and competitors will work in your favour. The leaders can set out to outline the bigger milestones for the organization. The heart chakra allows for working on validation and support. Business chakras can help leaders build empathy and respect others’ opinions to encourage a supportive work environment.

Throat chakra- communication

Facilitating the free flow of thoughts and ideas enables the intellect to communicate with others.

Chakra’s benefit: The need to communicate ideas and decisions in the team and then sell your product or service to the customer using these skills makes it vital to master this quality well to lead the organization to success. It is an excellent tool for building traction and getting a message across as required.

Third eye chakra- intuition and insight

Knowing what may come ahead and being able to perceive is a gift that happens here.

Chakra’s benefit:  A business not only runs on data, but instincts even play a part in driving decisions that ultimately lead to bigger outcomes. This chakra is used to explore new possibilities. It can be years of experience or even the knowledge about the field you are pursuing that drives you to make decisions that help build and grow the organization as desired.

Crown Chakra – the ideas and innovations

The place where the intellect resides, the entire engine processes for ideas and innovations come from here.

Chakra’s benefit: Corporate heads can determine the organizational goals and how to utilize ideas to maneuver the entire team in realizing them. The crown chakra has enabled business heads to focus on the agenda. Leaders can learn from business chakras utilizing them to foster the drive in others around them while making a positive impact.

The personal power of a person heading the business, directly and indirectly, influences how the organization is shaping up. Using these spiritual energy centres, you can leverage your business potential. A business is controlled by humans, and definitely, the synergies have to match with the team and bring out positive effects in enabling others to also work towards a common goal.

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