Business lessons inspired by Animals

15 Animal Traits Can Lead Us to Business Success

Do you know we share so many characteristics with animals, and why we need to re-learn them for running businesses? Animals may live in the jungle, but they never had any kind of disruption unless, of course, a human intervention caused it. The order they follow and how they hunt to feed and not for greed. Animal instincts help them live and survive in harsh conditions, giving us several beneficial business lessons even management gurus fail to do.

Let’s examine them and understand how animals may teach us a thing or two to lead successful enterprises.

Business lessons inspired by Animals

  1. Eagle

Trait: Nothing can escape their vision; hence, they are known as eagle-eyed. In business, you always keep your eyes open and know whatever happens inside and outside the organization. Being aware is a trait that will help maintain sustainability in business.

  1. Wolves

Trait: Wolves move around in well-organized packs. The collaborative nature is a value addition to any organizational culture. Working in tandem helps maintain an ecosystem of sustainability.

  1. Deer

Trait: The deer is the most vulnerable animal in the jungle and often moves in groups for safety; however, in times of danger, it will show its agility and decide on its course to help it avoid the lurking danger. The ability to react fast and accurately move away is what business leaders have to work on during a crisis.

  1. Lion

Trait: Being the king of the jungle is no mean feat. More powerful animals are in the forest; leaders should know when to attack and take it slowly to maintain their position. Knowing how to plan your moves and tactically understand how to function will help you build your business.

  1. Ant

Trait: Working as a team and the industrious nature of the ant make it the best example for those who work on building an organization. A good team effort and hard work do pay off with excellent results.

  1. Dog

Trait: A dog has always been known for loyalty and trustworthiness. Loyalty is one of the most essential qualities a team in your organization needs to beat your competitors.

  1. Cat

Trait: Cats are naturally curious animals, and their inbuilt tenacity makes them the best example for businesspeople. Leaders need to take on challenges in their entrepreneurial journey to grow and scale up.

  1. Fox

Trait: The intelligence and shrewdness of the fox often come across as its slyness can be utilized as business lessons. However, these qualities are valued in business as they enable the leader to make better decisions.

  1. Horse

Trait: Horses are known for speed and energy. A business leader must have the same drive and motivation to head his organization to enable it to reach new heights.

  1. Chameleon

Trait:  These creatures change their color according to their surroundings to be camouflaged and not get noticed. It helps them to save themselves from predators. This kind of adaptability and adjusting the company’s policies, products, or services as per new trends and customer needs helps to beat off the competition.

  1. Honey bee

Trait: Honey bees build a perfect functioning system with a proper hierarchy in place. They understand the structure and how to judiciously utilize space by building ideal homes to store food, mate and grow. Businesses need such perfect functioning to move ahead of the competition.

  1. Elephant

Trait: These majestic creatures hold empathy and family values, which are great take-home for corporations as business lessons. Organizational values and a philosophy of harmonious relationships between employees and various departments in the organization can help win bigger battles.

  1. Spider

Trait: The resilience of the spider to keep building its web even when it’s destroyed several times is a trait to emulate. Building the web as a home and using it to capture its food is a well-thought-out strategy that a business can utilize and work hard to acquire a customer while ensuring your brand is so good that they remain hooked.

  1. Panther

Trait: Panthers are secretive, rare and stealthy. These qualities are found in growth-focused organizations. They know how to disrupt the system and build entire industries with their acumen.

  1. Monkey

Trait: These creatures are more like us than we know. After all, we have evolved from them. They are supportive of each other and work together to avoid predators. These qualities identify with how organizations need to be. Being ahead of competitors and working as a team can often make us succeed.

The animal analogy is often used in conversations. However, applying their traits to running businesses would be a different ball game. We cannot undermine how these animals can showcase how it’s done. Leaders and employees of organizations can consider several traits as to how to work with harsh conditions and yet manage to function and be involved effectively to produce results.

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