Top 20 trending online startup business ideas

Are you excited to start a business on your own? It is definitely a good time to pursue a start-up idea. Over the years, many avenues and investment opportunities have sprung up, allowing people to try new possibilities. With the internet opening up global markets, catering to a world audience is now easier. The aspirations of innovators, creatives, and risk-takers happen to open doors for bigger and better revenue generation for online startup ideas.

What makes up for a startup idea?

Everything under the sun may look like an idea to begin a startup. However, you will have to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How feasible is the idea?
  • Is there a need for such an idea?
  • Will I be able to get funding for it?
  • Have the passion to take it forward?
  • If I need help, where can I seek it?
  • Will the idea be scalable in the future?

Picking the right idea can be done through a thorough market analysis and research. Wherein you understand the gap in demand and supply or a chance to plug in something different for the customers to lap up. Be it a service or goods. The startup needs a proper setup for making the idea succeed from conception to reaching the customer, and it needs to be worked on diligently.

How do you get actionable startup ideas?

  • Entrepreneurs with their skills and expertise work around ideas that enable them to use them to perfect the startup idea. E.g., a financial analyst starting a fintech startup
  • Solving an existing problem. E.g., not all courses reach out to learners as per the existing educational system. Edtech firms reach out to learners from the remotest corners with every kind of subject(s).
  • Working on something unique. E.g., blogging unleashing creativity with new perspectives

Likewise, you can rank your ideas, analyze them, and decide to pursue the best one!

Working on the germ of the idea and making it worthwhile through a successful venture with the help of the listed 20 online startup business ideas is what we shall see in this blog:

Let us look into some of the most interesting startup business ideas

  1. Developing apps

App development is trending as more and more apps are becoming part of our daily lives. Coding and programming skills can help you tap this potential market. Extensive app development is happening in the country, and a major source of skill and expertise is available for the expected revenue generation of $673.79 billion by 2027. Hence,  banking on great ideas can get investors to back your app development project.

Developing apps

Top apps made in India

  • A digital wallet
  • E-commerce app
  • Ride-sharing app
  • Food delivery app
  • Online learning platform
  • Digital payments app
  • Music streaming app
  • Video streaming app
  • Social media app
  • Video player app
  • Gaming apps
  1. Online courses

Having a particular talent that many people want to learn. Start a coaching class for others to learn from you and put course levels for those who want to learn more by yourself or get experts for the same. It is one of the online startup business ideas trending today, with many who cannot attend physical classes opting for online courses. With the booming market for online courses, revenue generation is expected to exceed $319 billion by 2029. ( source: Elearning Statistics)

online course

Top online courses that learners choose to join

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Digital Marketing
  • Machine learning
  • Data Analytics
  • Graphic design
  • Cybersecurity
  1. Podcasting

Podcasting is one of the trending profiles of many people. It’s a great way to get listeners across the globe. When you have the gift of gab and can talk about specific topics or get experts to share information, it is a great business idea that complements your passion. Podcasting has become more relevant and engaging with returns from audio ads. The future of the podcast industry will have projected growth of 34.5% (source: PwC), with podcasting becoming more mainstream.

  • Motivational podcasts
  • Comedy  and entertainment podcasts
  • Business and finance podcasts
  • News & politics podcasts
  • Educational podcasts
  • Lifestyle and health
  •  Society & culture
  • Science & technology
  • Religion & mythology
  1. eBook writing

It is one of the best ways for first-time authors or others who don’t want to stick to traditional publishing to venture into eBook writing. The eBook market is huge and will grow significantly at a rate of 4.78% (CAGR) until 2029. It is a great way to reach out to a wider audience. Several platforms, like Amazon, help you sell your book with an effective marketing strategy.

ebook writing

Top e-book writing genres

  • fantasy fiction
  • young adult fiction
  • non-fiction
  •  reference work
  •  Self-help book
  • Guide book
  1. Blogging

A lot of people can put words in an articulate and engaging manner. Writing about different aspects that interest people can be a great way to start blogging. It is one of the low-cost, easy online business startup ideas. It assures that 77% of internet users read blogs on a regular basis, which is a good number of people who get attention if they write engaging content. Surveys also indicate that focussing on one genre of writing has allowed bloggers (73%) to earn more. Those having creative skills for a write-up can start their own blogging sites. The most profitable blogs are the food blog genre, followed by lifestyle and travel.


Top income earning modes for bloggers

  • Ads
  •  Affiliate products
  •  Sponsored product reviews
  • Selling their own products
  •  Online courses
  1.  Online yoga classes

A popular exercise form, originally from India, has online coaching to facilitate more takers. People who find it hard to find yoga classes nearby find online teaching a practical option for performing exercises that are particularly known for their health benefits. The increased interest in returning to their roots has made people learn yoga. An expected growth rate of 9%  (CAGR) until 2032 is likely. Certified yoga practitioners/gurus provide coaching in this ancient form for personalized classes and regular batches. If you are looking for a promising online startup business idea, yoga is the one.

yoga class

Most popular styles of Yoga for teaching

  • Hatha yoga
  • Ashtanga yoga
  • Iyengar yoga
  • Vinyasa yoga
  • Power yoga
  • Kundalini yoga
  1. E-commerce

A great medium to boost virtual sales is to curate and advertise items for specified markets. Such platforms are quite lucrative when you identify the right audience and follow a dedicated marketing strategy to hit your targets. With an estimated growth of 14.11% (CAGR) until 2027. One of the sought-after online startup business ideas.

ecommerce business

Different segments of Ecommerce

  •  B2B– Business to Business
  • D2C- Direct to Customer
  • C2C- Consumer to Consumer
  • C2B- Consumer to Business
  1. Web development

Every business today needs an online presence to flourish, and having a good-ranking website to have great outreach is what a good web developer needs to make a site relevant with good content, graphics and user-friendliness. The web development sector is growing as fast as other businesses because every platform has crossed over to digital. A growth rate of  8.08% (CAGR) is expected by 2028. With the necessary web development and designing skills, making websites is a great online startup idea.

web development

Top types of web development

  • Front end development
  • Back end development
  • Full stack development
  1. Affiliate marketing

Those who prefer remote working can turn to affiliate marketers and work for commissions with products or services you are already associated with or known for as an influencer, blogger, or business set up with a large audience who will get to know other brands you are affiliate marketing. With increased traffic and a loyal customer base, an expected turnover of $835 million by 2025 is on the cards.

affiliate marketing

Top affiliate marketing platforms

  • E-commerce affiliate
  • Hosting providers affiliate
  • Online retailers affiliate
  • Domain name registration and hosting affiliates
  • Marketing Integration platform affiliates
  • Digital marketing platform affiliates
  • Web hosting and related services affiliates
  • Performance marketing affiliates
  1. Social media influencers

A significant online presence with many followers can enable you to become a social media influencer where people will buy or follow what you want to convey about a product or service. Brands approach such influencers to utilize their audience to get to a more extensive customer base. Such paid promotions and incentives form a part of great deals. The influencer marketing industry is growing at a remarkable rate, with a projected growth rate of 25% (CAGR) by 2025.

social media influencer

Top types of social media influencer categories

  • Nano social media influencer
  • Micro social media influencers
  • Mid-social media influencer
  • Macro social media influencer
  1. Edtech startup

Learning things that aren’t part of the traditional school curriculum is possible through ed-tech services, which allow you to delve deeper into a subject the user already knows or learn something new that isn’t taught outside of an educational institution. Edtechs have a great future in India, with an expected revenue generation of $4 billion by 2025. All these can help build their career and make an impressive resume. Edtech startups are becoming more mainstream for a larger populace.

edtech start up

Top types of Edtech startups

  • K-12
  • Test Preparation
  • Reskilling and online certifications
  • Higher education
  • Language and casual learning
  1. Sustainable clothing line

With people understanding the limitations in the availability of resources, the way to go is for sustainable clothing that will have minimal impact on the environment. These startups are getting a boost from people’s choices and the government to help preserve nature—an estimated growth rate of 14.59% until 2028. Working with exciting patterns and designs and employing local talent encourages customers to buy eco-friendly garments.

clothing line

Popular sustainable clothing lines

  • Organic cotton
  •  Recycled cotton
  • Recycled polyester
  • Recycled nylon
  • Organic blends
  • Recycled blends
  1. Dating website

Finding a soul mate in a busy world has become difficult, with people meeting each other virtually more than in person. These dating sites are becoming lifelines for the younger generation to find partners and get in touch with people across the globe to form relationships without bothering about geographical boundaries. The Indian dating app market is growing rapidly, and an estimated revenue of $402.10 million is expected in 2024. The best way to play matchmaker through a dating website is a solution that works to help people form bonds and is a great way for online business startup ideas.

dating business

Top categories of dating websites

  • sites for single men & women,
  • sites for married people,
  • sites for LGBTQA+ community dating
  • sites for casual chats and hookups
  • sites for those on a budget
  • sites for those seeking serious relationships
  • sites for social media influences
  • sites for conversations
  1. Blockchain startup

Blockchain technology is the next big thing to happen in the digital revolution. Its decentralized setup and profitable nature have lured many to begin startups that sell virtual assets, NFTs etc.—providing advice on investing in blockchain cryptocurrencies and gaining on their value generation in the market for your clients. The market for decentralized systems has taken a new turn, with more stakeholders opting for this virtual setup. The estimated blockchain startup revenue generation for 2030 is projected at $3.1 trillion.


Top categories of blockchain start-ups

  • Gaming apps
  •  Cryptocurrencies
  • NFTs
  • Metaverse technology
  • Trading
  • Wallet
  1. YouTube channel

YouTube content creation has increased over the years, with many people jumping on the bandwagon. To have their videos go viral and become overnight sensations. Putting up engaging content that connects with the viewers can be lucrative. The ecosystem of such channels contributes to the country’s economy in a big way by contributing to the GDP. An additional 7.5 lakh full-time equivalent jobs get the support of YouTube.

youtube channel

Top categories for YouTube channel

  • Gaming
  •  Fitness channels
  •  Vlogging
  • Education
  •  Music
  •  ASMR
  • Comedy
  • Unboxing
  •  Beauty
  • Travel
  • Reviews
  1. Virtual event planning

Book launches, music promotions, etc, have found a new destination. Online events, live or recorded, have become game-changers for Virtual event planners. Virtual events will be as mainstream as other social gatherings, with a projected revenue generation of $404 billion in 2027. It’s a great opportunity for those who love to plan and work in a niche field that is currently booming for the best online startup ideas.

virtual event

Top virtual events for planning

  • Sports
  • Entertainment live events and meetings
  • Incentives
  • Conferences
  • Exhibitions
  1. Astrology services

Astro services are trending and include future predictions to finding solutions to personal, financial, and relationship problems using techniques like crystal ball viewing, face reading, preparing horoscopes, reading your future through planetary positions, etc., which are in vogue. Those who are qualified can set up such services. However, with the growing popularity of astrology services and increased market value of 5.7%, growth will be seen until 2031. Setting up an accessible website and providing advice is a great online startup idea.

astrology business

  Top categories provided by astrology services

  • Love astrology services
  • Vedic astrology services
  • Natal astrology
  • Medical astrology services
  • Horary astrology
  • Electional astrology
  • Uranian astrology
  1. Telehealth services

Providing streamlined health services to patients with the help of healthcare professionals, enabling effective communication through a telehealth startup. According to the global outreach of medical advice and medical experts, reaching out to patients from the remotest corners of the world will ensure better healthcare. The estimated growth for alternative health services is 23.2% (CAGR) until 2028. It is a great way to reach out to patients who find it hard to go to clinics, especially the older population and disabled, who can get health advice and consultations.


Top types of telehealth services

  • Video conferencing
  • Store and forward
  • Mobile health
  • Patient monitoring
  1. Facebook ad specialist

Make use of the power of social media holds in terms of reach and influence on people across the globe by becoming a Facebook ad specialist. The work involves collaborating with clients to help them out with digital marketing and advertising. The job requires you to plan, measure and execute paid marketing campaigns on the social media platform (FB). Since the numbers are promising, with 500 million people watching videos on Facebook and spending an average of 33 minutes a day on the platform, it definitely is a great designation to work upon.

facebook ad specialist

Top Facebook ad specialist categories

  • Video ads
  • Carousel ads
  • Collection ads
  • Instant experience ads
  1. Fintech startups

Financial services on online platforms are gaining momentum as people find it convenient and easier to handle their funds. Investments and financial advice enable users to make better financial decisions. The fintech industry is growing rapidly due to digital penetration in the remotest places of the country and access to the internet. The projected growth for this sector is at $2.1 trillion until 20230. Fintech is a great online startup idea as it provides financial tools and techniques for contemporary investment solutions.

fintech start up

Top fintech services

  • Gateways
  • Mobile payments
  • P2P lenders
  • Insurance
  • Regulation technology
  • Individual finance
  • Crowdfunding
  • Equity finance
  1. Marketplace website

Building a platform wherein users can buy and sell items in a safe and secure manner, like a marketplace, but online by creating a website for a seamless experience is a great startup idea. Nearly a third of the startup ecosystem comprises marketplaces that contribute nearly $100 billion in GMV. The key to a successful venture is the exchange of goods and providing great engagement during transactions.


Top marketplace website categories

  • Retail
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Travel
  • Financial services

How do you choose the right startup idea?

Following a particular trend will not be the right way to go. There is a list of startup ideas to refer to. However, it is better to check if it is financially and logistically viable for you to take it up. You need to have a passion and skills to begin a particular startup. It may be ok to train and understand the business idea well before taking the design for dedicating yourself to a startup venture.

Can I get help for my startup?

Several agencies help you in this endeavor, from start to finish or only for certain aspects like finding investors, making a business pitch, checking for the feasibility of your idea etc. Others will help you find human and material resources, sponsors, etc. There are private and government loan providers to help you begin your online startup idea.

Which is the best startup idea?

 App Developers, social media influencers, and blockchain start-ups are some of the most trending high-grossing revenues over the years, garnering fame and money for those entrepreneurs. Apart from these, coming up with something out of the box can also make waves and get the people and fundraisers to notice your potential and give you literally a head start for your venture.


Startups are getting exposure like never before, with local and foreign investors ready to tap into innovative, in-demand, creative and best online startup ideas. It is an excellent time to think of getting ready to start a business idea after researching and analyzing its potential profitability and scalability. The right amount of entrepreneurial skills and passion can propel a start-up idea to a successful business venture.

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