Start your health and fitness website

We all deserve to stay healthy. Today’s generation is more careful about staying healthy and fit and doesn’t shy from hitting the gym often. If you are a fitness freak and passionate about workouts, there is a chance that you might turn your passion into a business that will help in replacing your income.

Starting a health and fitness website is easy than most people might think and what they don’t know is that one can turn it into a great profit making business. As the number of health and fitness conscious individuals growing, demand for comprehensive fitness solutions is also on the rise. But despite high level of consciousness, most are clueless as to how to develop and follow a fitness regimen. Fitness gurus and health experts are helping them in finding the right fitness solution. You too can do the same by building fitness website where you can share your knowledge, experience, health regimen, fitness ideas, diet tips and more.

About this business opportunity

The idea of doing what we love to do and earn money in doing that is an appealing idea for sure. Fitness enthusiasts are doing just the same. A lot of people nowadays have their fitness websites where they share their ideas and tips or simply stories of their journey towards health and vigor. These sites are great interactive platforms and enjoyed by large audience.

A simple search with top search engines will reveal the total volume of searches happening on fitness and health. Given the volume of audience starting a fitness website is a great idea to earn through it. There are now several ways to make money online and you can go about by selling advertisement spaces on your fitness website.

  • Selling products through your website
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Google Adsense
  • PPC
  • Ad space on websites
  • Banner advertising
  • Monetization widgets
  • Sponsored reviews

Current market trend

Current market trend has put health and fitness as one of the highly searched terms on internet. As the number of overweight population is growing, craze about health and fitness is also growing at a rapid speed. The trend shows that it is the right time to consider business aspects of fitness website.

Level of competition

Health and fitness is a niche market and hence, competition is high. There are thousands of websites and blogs on fitness sharing all sorts of ideas and information. To stay ahead in competition you therefore need to target your audience accurately. Website marketing becomes absolutely necessary to reach out to target audience group to direct more visitors to your site. Following are some tips to help your website reach to larger audience.

  • Selecting a domain name that matches your business
  • Sharing absolutely high quality content
  • Social media networking and optimization
  • SEO for improving search engine ranking of your website across internet platform

The future

There will always be a market for health and fitness. And, we can safely assume that in future demand for comprehensive fitness solution will only rise. But it would mean tougher competition for your business. Each day thousands of websites are releasing on the domain for which the competition is going to be intense.

Who can start this business?

Anyone can start a health and fitness website. However, if you have certification as a fitness trainer you can publish that on your website so that you can start prescribing treatment or exercises. In that case it will make it more authentic and acceptable.

Skill set you need

There are now many agencies that offer custom website building solutions to small and home-based entrepreneurs. Searching the market will help you find a solution that is affordable. But along with building website you would also need marketing skills to promote your website across web platform. Given below is a set of skill needed to promote your website.

  • Great content that is informative and add value to your visitor
  • SEO to improve its scopes an prominence
  • Social media marketing and optimization to turn your visitors into your loyal advocate

Profit feasibility

You can earn through your website by selling ad spaces, banner ads, affiliate marketing or endorsing and selling products through it. You may sign up with – Google Adsense, Amazon and Clickbank to endorse and sell products on your website. Your website will work as the gateway to send visitors to parent sites and in turn you’d get paid by the hosting agency.

Profit feasibility is high but you would also need to ensure a constant source of new visitors to your website.


Building website and buying domain need investment. You might also need to take into account recurring cost of domain and site management and maintenance. Side-by-side if you decide to outsource SEO and SMO requirements that too would add to your capital cost.

Marketing plan

Earning through your website means that you need a comprehensive marketing plan comprising both online and offline promotion.

  • Off line: Offline or word of mouth promotion is a great way to directly approach your audience. You can promote your website through newspaper and local cable TV ads; direct mailers and flyers, or telling your friends personally to check out your website.
  • Internet marketing: Since the idea is to earn through your website digital marketing helps with overall promotion of it across online platforms. SEOTP offers SEO and SMO training solutions to entrepreneurs to help them devise effective online marketing strategy for promoting their website.
  • Marketing kit: A comprehensive marketing kit is a great way to give your health and fitness website a kick-start. SEOTP mentoring program also include a marketing kit comprising website building and hosting, graphic designing, content creation and marketing, and SEO solution.