Start your computer institute

Computer training is a pre-requisite to apply for any job nowadays. Computers being used in performing wide range of action; for automating and streamlining business activities; importance of training courses has risen quite significantly. Demand for comprehensive training and computer courses is rising from all quarters of the society.

About the business

In India there are thousands of computer training institutions across its many cities and rural areas imparting knowledge and education to students. Depending on growing market demand an array of computer and software training courses, ranging from basics to most advanced levels, are offered by them. There are also institutions offering courses on latest technologies and software such as – graphic designing, animation etc. Since the market for qualified professionals is growing and Indian economy is transforming to become more technology driven, there would be more demand for computer institutions in the future.

The growth of computer education in rural India has been quite magnificent. Favorable policies from the government and availability of affordable internet are the two major factors responsible for popularizing computer education in the hinterlands of the country.

Current market trend

IT explosion in India has caused tremendous growth prospect for computer education in the country. Today IT industry plays the most significant role in country’s economy; generating billions of dollars in revenue. Large MNCs worldwide consider India as a prominent destination for IT ventures and outsourcing. Across the country many IT hubs are built to provide employment opportunities to this generation. Computer education has made it to school and college syllabuses and is considered almost imperative to get a good job opportunity. As a result, computer training centers are mushrooms all around.

Level of competition

Given high demand for computer training, level of competition in the market is very high. Several centers are coming up in urban and rural locations imparting training on computer software, hardware, networking etc. Side by side, there are also government training institutes, affiliated institutes and all-India franchise centers for imparting computer education. The competition is therefore multi-layered. To make computer training business successful one therefore needs careful planning and marketing solution.

The future

As all the market indexes indicating growth of IT sector in India one can safely assume that demand for computer education will only grow. However, to keep pace with the fast transforming market, the institutes are required to upgrade their curriculum regularly to offer the latest training. Along with, they must focus of offering hands-on, industry training to students to help them learn from real-life situations and provide job assistance.

Students now demand more comprehensive training solution that is industry focused and will help them securing prospective career opportunity in the growing industry and the training institutions must strive to deliver the same.

Who can start this business?

Most people are still not aware that starting a computer center can be a great way to replace your income. Anyone can start a computer training business and lead it to success. However, it is advisable to get a good understanding of the market before launching a venture.

There are institutions that offer training and marketing solutions to small business entrepreneurs in helping them launch a successful small business venture.

Skill set you need

The skill set you need is of basic entrepreneur i.e. – understanding of market and its competition, leadership abilities, team building and managing abilities, resource management, knowledge of account management, networking with different schools and colleges, industry recognition and tie-ups to offer job assistance etc.

Level of risk: Medium to high

Profit feasibility: Not that great but still you can give it try in rural area and small town. We believe, in small town, and rural are, students are still deprived form computer education. Profit is high in small town


Compared to other small business ideas, investment on computer training center is large. You would need at least 10 to 15 computers to allow students get practical training. In addition, you would need licensed versions of software that students will come to learn to avoid any legal issues. The computers must also be upgraded with the latest processor and operating systems to offer best learning opportunity to students. There are govt intuitions offering partnership, and financial aid as well. Visit

Admin work

There may be a great deal of administrative work involved with computer training business. You would need to register, apply and obtain business license from appropriate authority to start your business. Alongside, it is very important to look after the day-to-day work of the center to ensure that students receive best training and learning environment.


In terms of infrastructure you’d need a place to start the institute, computers, software and tools that students will learn; faculty or a panel of teachers; books and study material; practical lab, desks and chairs etc.

Add-on infra: Software, tool etc.

Team building/staff. Not much. You need to hire teaching staff on part time basis and pay them on number of hours they work.

Website building

The best and the most affordable way to reach out to large number of target audience, is through a business website. There are now several website developing agencies that offer affordable website developing and designing solutions to small entrepreneurs. Your website will offer easy access to information like – institution, courses, fees etc. and thus, will increase the reach of your business without involvement of more capital. Moreover, you’d need a website if you intend to offer e-learning solution to students.

Marketing plan

No business, in the current scenario, can survive without a comprehensive marketing plan. Similarly, a computer training center too must consider building a solid marketing strategy that would encourage new students to enroll for their courses.

Off line: Networking with different schools, colleges and training institutions is very important in getting prominence in the market. Side by side, one may also need to participate in different educational and IT fairs to interact directly with interested students. Attending seminars and workshops are also great ways to expand your horizon and client base.

Internet marketing: Digital marketing has become very relevant in today’s context. Comprehensive internet marketing plan comprises both organic and paid advertising across web platform. The idea is to generate more qualified leads for a business without involving large fund.

Marketing kit: A small business marketing kit comprises business and marketing solution for first-time entrepreneurs. They offer mentoring, technical and marketing solutions including website designing and hosting, graphic designing, content creation and marketing, and more.