Small business entrepreneurship training

Small business and entrepreneurship training, and solutions

The recent changes in market dynamics have put small businesses into leadership position. In changed market context, small business owners are enjoying ample business opportunities and a level playing field. Supported by the power of technology driven marketing they are now being able to cast their web wider to rope international clientele and enjoy growth in terms of business volume.

The number of small businesses and start-ups had significantly grown in the recent past and yet not all of those were success. Despite trailblazing ideas, a significant number of small businesses have also flopped during this period.

An early demise of a small business effort can be attributed to many factors but most significant is lack of proper mentoring, guidance and support. Often small entrepreneurs start with great ideas but lack in practical knowledge and understanding of market. The challenges faced by them are multiple.

  • Often they do not have a workable business plan. Although they have great ideas, they need to check on commercial viability of their plan to calculate its probability of success.
  • Identifying the right market is the first step towards building a successful business. It needs knowledge of marketing to successfully penetrate the market.
  • Strict budget is often a hindrance for small entrepreneurs. They can’t spend as much as their large enterprise competitors on advertising campaigns. There are also problems related to fund management, payment, collection and availability of capital resource.
  • Then there are problems related to keeping customers happy by offering right customer support. Small business need support of a full-fledged customer service more than an enterprise. Without it, they can soon lose their customer base.

In India small business owners often struggle to make both ends meet without proper guidance and marketing solutions. SEO Training Point, a leading training institution that offers comprehensive online marketing guidance to professionals and entrepreneurs alike, offers end-to-end business plan and marketing solution.

How small entrepreneur training can help

Small business entrepreneurship trainings have risen to prominence recently. These training courses are targeted to offer small entrepreneurs with complete understanding of scopes of business and how to leverage opportunities to their favor. The course will cover the following agendas so that one can kick-start a business in three months time.

  • A complete business plan so that you can actually evaluate your scopes
  • Complete marketing strategy to promote your business in smart ways that is both affordable and rewarding

Small businesses often run on strict budget and therefore extensive homework only improves its chances of surviving the competition. They need more innovative ways to promote their business that would offer quicker results so that they can reach the breakeven point faster. We have assumed the role of a mentor for small entrepreneurs by offering them comprehensive guidance about starting, planning and marketing their small business. As a part of our training program we also offer them technological solutions regarding building websites and search engine optimization so that they have a solid footing when they start. Small business entrepreneurship training of DBS Next Level can be divided into the following categories.

Business plan: This part will discuss and evaluate scopes of business given present market condition and future possibilities. We help you in drawing up a business plan that is economically viable and resource efficient. Often delivered at a personal level, the training focuses on developing of skill areas, as mentioned below, essential for successful entrepreneurship.

  • Mission, vision and goals
  • Creativity
  • Leadership
  • Decision-making
  • Risk management
  • Problem solving
  • Team building and management

Marketing plan: Effective marketing is the key to success. Small and emerging businesses need the support of effective marketing plan more than large organizations. To help, DBS Next Level offers complete marketing planning solution to entrepreneurs. We offer a wide range of industry specific marketing and online marketing training courses directed to address and resolve marketing related complexities within an industry. Our SEO training is imparted to interested candidates coming from different walks of life—students, marketing professionals, SEO professionals, entrepreneurs, SEO firms, trainers, housewives, retired persons, and more.

A comprehensive course on online marketing covers its different aspects.

  • Basic and purpose of SEO
  • Developing online marketing strategy involving SEO
  • SEO techniques and implementation
  • Website optimization
  • Generating business leads
  • Calculating SEO ROI
  • Content creation, marketing and optimization
  • Developing SEO marketing strategy within strict budget
  • Introduction to marketing funnel

Website development: Website development involves technicalities and expenses. Often small businesses don’t have the means or resources to develop websites. By selecting us, you can also get necessary technical, hosting and marketing solutions for your website. We understand your business requirements and accordingly build websites that is SEO compliant.

Turn your website into formidable business tool with assistance from us. Get more visitors to it and generate qualified leads for your business. The services we provide are:

  • Website development
  • Graphic designing
  • Content development
  • SEO
  • Social media optimization

Small entrepreneurs in India are required to survive in a highly competitive environment. They are facing challenges both internally and externally from large organizations. DBS Next Level helps them in turning the obstacles into their favor by helping them leverage the scopes offered by market. As most emerging business now are web-based they need proper guidance and mentoring as to how to leverage potential of online marketing without losing sight of long term goals. Many entrepreneurs still don’t have clear understanding about online marketing and its potentials and hence, they fail to exploit it to their benefit. Small business, in particular, can use online marketing in their favor as an affordable and convenient means of branding. We help in bridging the gap created by lack of proper dissemination of information by offering comprehensive small business entrepreneurship training. If you are harboring an idea to start a small company, we can put you in the right track by helping you plan and execute. This is no classroom coaching; but imparted with the objective to help you survive market competition and therefore, customized to focus on dealing with practical issues.

Mentoring and support

In our understanding, ongoing mentoring and support plays a vital role in encouraging and enabling a small business owner and entrepreneur to build their confidence, competence and overall capability. Without this support, a huge chunk of business owners will never apply their skills. We have therefore, developed program, which will help you at every stage of your in business cycle.

As a business owner, you may choose to have our mentoring for yourself or for your staff. Through mentoring you can build up your business skills for free, which can help you achieve your success.

In a nut shell

Our small business and entrepreneurship training program will give you:

  • Understanding of business
  • Business plan
  • Marketing plan
  • Complete internet marketing plan
  • Business and marketing communication kit
  • Ready to work website with your logo
  • Web hosting
  • Genuine content writing and images
  • 2-month training on business and marketing
  • Mentoring and support

We offer over 30 types of small business, from which you will have to opt that matched your interest.

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  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Article marketing
  3. Beauty parlor- say it beauty salon (complete beauty solution)
  4. Business consultant
  5. Business mentoring center
  6. Cell phone servicing center
  7. Coaching center
  8. Computer and laptop servicing center
  9. Computer institute
  10. content writing services
  11. Cooking class
  12. Cooking/food websites
  13. Desk Top Publishing (DTP) business
  14. e-book aka D-commerce
  15. Foreign study consultant
  16. Graphic designing and marketing communication
  17. Grocery items on wheelsv
  18. Health and fitness website
  19. Information sharing (be an infopreneur)
  20. Internet marketing companyv
  21. Local classified paper
  22. Local info center
  23. Mini shopping mall
  24. Online garment store
  25. PTC moneymaking site
  26. Rural BPO/call center
  27. Rural business exhibitor
  28. Self Help Group (SHG)
  29. SEO company
  30. SEO training institute
  31. Tailoring business
  32. Terracotta jewelry
  33. Training center
  34. Travel and tour
  35. T-shirt business
  36. TV repairing center
  37. Web designing company
  38. Writing services
  39. Each of business opportunity should include:
    1. About this business opportunity
    2. Current market trend
    3. Level of competition
    4. The future
    5. who can start this business
    6. Skill set you need
    7. Level of risk
    8. Profit feasibility
    9. Investment
    10. Admin work
    11. Infrastructure
    12. add-on infra
    13. team building/staff
    14. website building
    15. marketing plan
      1. off line
      2. Internet marketing
      3. Marketing kit
      4. Maintenance
    Training Course fee is 40,000 INR.