Beauty and salon business

Now you can start our beauty and salon business with our training and support. Give your beauty business a complete makeover

In recent time beauty business has become a serious trend. It is no longer regarded as a job inferior to prestigious white-collar ones. Many successful beauty experts and hairdressers are now running successful franchise businesses across the country. Even large cosmetics manufacturing companies such as Lakme have their own range of upscale beauty salons in all the major cities in India. If you have nurtured a secret desire of owning a small beauty salon business, today is the right time for that. The global and national economic scenario is changing fast and currently tilting more towards small businesses than large enterprises. This is a happy time for entrepreneurs as they are now offered a more level playing ground with the introduction of online media that let them reach out to their customers quickly and effectively.

Scopes and prospects of salon business

To start a salon business you should at least get some training on different beauty procedures, treatments, services, makeup, and hairdressing. There are both large and reputable institutes and smaller agencies that offer a wide variety of beauty training courses. Nowadays some colleges also offer vocation training on beauty and cosmetology. Given below is a list of few such institutes where one can study beautician course.

  • International Women Polytechnic, Delhi
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi
  • Nandalal Borgohain City College
  • Christian Medical College, Vellore
  • T.D. Medical College, Kerala
  • VLCC Institute
  • Vikas Marwah’s Hair Academy, Mumbai

However, one must have to have some hands-on experience in managing a salon business as assistant salon manager or as a beautician before they can own a business. If you don’t have any prior experience get enrolled for workshops and seminars organized for salon managers or work as an apprentice with an experienced beautician.

Since beauty salon is a customer centric business one needs to be extra careful about managing the right conduct and relationship with customers. Nothing works better for a salon business than word of mouth advertisement. One therefore needs to be extra careful about maintaining the quality of services and treatments rendered to patrons.

Current market trends and future of beauty business

Today men and women, both are very concerned about maintaining a well groomed look. The young crowd, especially, indulge more often in pampering their skin and hair in upscale beauty centers. The demand for qualified beauticians is therefore soaring.

It seems like the beautician industry is re-launched with a new vigor. The availability of international make-up brands and easy access to world fashion and beauty has made the young Indian generation more conscious about styling and grooming. They now don’t hesitate to spend on a wide range of salon treatments. The Indian beauty and fashion industry is expected to experience a phenomenal growth in the coming days and going to become a powerful economic force in the country. Easy availability of latest scientific developments and treatments has also made India a popular destination for cosmetic treatments—attracting many foreign visitors as well.

All of the above factors suggest that it is the best time to start a salon business.

Crucial factors for your business

Beauty salon business is influenced by several factors which can be crucial in determining the success of your venture. Below we have listed those factors to help you prepare a checklist while you plan to start your business.

  • Finding niche: It will help you in targeting your audience better if you have a prior idea which income group, demography or social strata you want to focus on.
  • Services and specialization: There are general beauty salons, spas and salons offering specialized treatments
  • Location: Another important part of your business planning is finding the right location. Select a spot where you are expected to receive more foot fall. Try to focus on urban localities
  • Financing: Consider the various sources available to finance your business. Commercial banks now offer special small business loans to entrepreneurs at attractive rates of interest.
  • Government regulation: Check out government regulations, compliances and licensing requirements.
  • Taxation: Confirm tax obligation that you need to meet as an entrepreneur, such as— sales taxes, service taxes, VAT etc.
  • Equipment and Supplies: Your beauty business would need constant supply of equipments and supplies. Try to work out some good deals with the leading product brands.
  • Personnel: Your salon would need a team of efficient and skilled personnel and so, you would also have to take into consideration daily operation cost of your business.
  • Marketing: Last but definitely not the least is effective marketing campaign that would make your business a household name. Digital media has enabled small businesses to reach out to larger client base in easy and affordable way.
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