Start Your Terracotta Jewelry Business

Terracotta jewelries are basically handmade and are popular today. Its ethnic look, color, and price make it the most liked fashion jewelry. Terracotta is a kind of red clay, which is firstly kneaded, molded to give it proper shape and then glazed by the artists. Once the glazing is done, the piece of jewelry is embossed with patters and then colored to make it look bright and match the fashion trend. In olden days these clay jewelries were used by the tribal’s but now it is worn by everyone and is considered as an exotic accessory when wearing tribal or ethnic dresses.

India has the largest jewelry market and people here love to wear bangles, necklaces, and rings etc which can match their garments and make them look beautiful. In the recent years, the gold and silver jewelries have experienced a huge price hike. Due to which frequent buyers in this sector have reduced and now, people are looking for fashionable accessories which are cheap, beautiful and available in a variety of style and color which can match their garments at any occasion. Here comes the importance of terracotta jewelry which is now available in different colors, patterns, style and designs. In the near future the industry will grow both domestically and internationally.

Who Can Start The Business And Sill Set You Need:

Anyone who has the following knowledge can start the business, earn money, and achieve success.

  1. To start a terracotta jewelry business, you must be creative so that you can create new designs that can meet the recent demand of the fashion industry.
  2. It is very necessary that you must also know how the jewelry is made. Until and unless you know the proper technique you will not be able to guide your workers and give them ideas to create a unique piece which can stand out in the market.
  3. You must also have a strong business plan and marketing strategy. The planning will depend on the type of business you select. You can be a manufacturer or just buy it from some dealer and sell it in the market with your brand name.
  4. Pricing is very important because it will only make your business successful. You must be able to do some market research before fixing price for each piece of jewelry. The price that you fix should cover all the expenses made, your time etc. This calculation is difficult and this is where you need to act cleverly.
  5. Leadership quality is yet another important point necessary for the success of business.
  6. You must be able to manage your fund.

Level of Risk and Profit Feasibility:

Stepping into the jewelry business cannot be rewarding until and unless you come up with new ideas as per the fashion trend among people. Normally, when people buy a piece of ear ring or necklace, they would not want to purchase the same design again. They would like to see something new every time they visit the store and thus creativity plays a vital role here. If you are not creative then you will not be able to earn money and make profit.

Jewelry business also depends on the marketing strategy. If you can market your business well then you can achieve success.

Infrastructure, Team Building, Marketing and Training:

Here are a few things that you will need when you plan to start a terracotta jewelry business:

  1. Firstly when you start a business, you need to think of a name. The name can be anything, but try to select one that is unique and easy to remember. For example if a customer visits your store and purchases a piece of jewelry. He/she would come back only if they remember your stores name. If the name is complicated, it will slip out of their mind and if it is unique and easy it will always remain in the back of the mind.
  2. Once the name is selected you need to protect it so that no one uses it again. You can get the name registered in the state office.
  3. Next step is to get a license or legal permit to start the business.
  4. Once all the legal procedure is done, plan out a business strategy. Think what you would like to have- a manufacturing unit with workers and create your own design or would wish to buy jewelry from wholesaler and sell for profit.
  5. Now, you need space and manpower to get your business started. For setting a manufacturing unit you will need expert hands that can carve and make the jewelry by following the design that you provide. You will also need a store to exhibit them.
  6. Next, think if you want to sell your crafted jewelry online or you are just happy with the store. For an online store you need to have a well designed attractive website. Once the website is set, you will need people who can regularly keep the posts updated and carry on the delivery proceedings.
  7. Marketing is the key to success for any kind of business. If you are not good in marketing then people will not know about your business and it will be limited to a group of people. There are many ways of marketing your business. You can try both online and offline marketing strategy. Online marketing can be done on social media pages like Facebook, Pintrest, PTC websites, classified websites etc. You can also exchange traffic with other websites for more business. Offline marketing can be done via classified papers, pamphlets, hoardings, TV advertisements etc. You can also sponsor any occasion and get yourself advertised.
  8. All these starting from business planning to marketing need an important skill and that is money management. You must know how to manage your fund and make your business successful and to know all these proper training is very essential.

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