Start Your Tailoring Business

Earlier tailoring was just done by ladies who used to sit at home and had no other job other than cooking. But today it is a high class business where both men and women work hand in hand. When the country faced global financial crisis most of the business sector was very badly affected and many people were struggling to get employment, but fashion was one area where no decline was seen and in the recent years the industry has witnessed a lot of growth. This is because even if you have no money you will need clothes to wear, it may not be fashionable but at least a simple one.

If you are one who dreams to be a business owner and have a passion in sewing then you must surely try tailoring business. You can just stitch some general everyday clothes or move forward with the fashion trend. With so many types of sewing machines, today people are sewing different kind of accessories like hat and bags along with clothes which matches with the taste of the crowd. You can join the team and become an accessory specialist or specialize in designing clothes for high level people who demand customized fashion garments and accessories or just set your own trend and style.

Who can start tailoring business

Anyone who has proper knowledge of stitching can start the business. Some of the skills needed in the task are:

  1. Measuring: You must be able to take proper measurement of clothes. If the measurement goes wrong then the fabric you will use to stitch will be wasted which can be a loss for your business and will bring in bad reputation.
  2. Fitting: Dress normally boosts confidence in a person. When you wear something that is not of your measurement then you will feel low. This is the reason why fitting is very important in the tailoring business.
  3. Ironing: You must know how to fold and iron the stitched material.
  4. Repair: Once the material is stitched and it is not as per the buyer’s requirement then you will surely need to understand the flaws and repair it. Identifying flaws for repair is very important and one needs proper knowledge in the subject.
  5. Design: Fashion keeps changing and so must your collection. The designs you stitch must match the recent trend and people’s demand thus it is important that you have creativity in you.
  6. Accessories: Along with clothes today people look for matching accessories for garments. Having knowledge in the area will surely make you a winner in the profession.

Investment, Infrastructure, Team Building and Training

The investment in the business depends on the kind of tailoring company you wish to start. There are wide varieties of business options in this sector. Proper training will help you explore the world of tailoring and earn more. SEO Training Point is a Bangalore based online marketing agency where you can get training on the different sections of tailoring.

  1. Today, people like to buy stitched branded clothes from the store. You can contact companies delivering material to them. The company will use their brand name while selling the product but you can request them to include your information. By doing this you will not only earn money but also goodwill, which will help you expand in future. You can learn more about this in the training process. The experts will guide you through all the procedure of establishing a sewing club.
  2. You can also run sewing classes for anyone who wishes to know, learn how to stitch and earn money during the process. You can either have a separate room in your house or teach at a community centre. Later you can market your school, hire people and expand your business.
  3. You can create your own design and sell it in the market with your own brand name. This kind of tailoring business can be quite rewarding if you are able to market it properly. To do this you need to have proper marketing skill and knowledge. SEO Training point experts will provide you with all the tips required to market your business.
  4. Like any other business project, tailoring business also needs some basic infrastructure and investment and some of them are:
  1. Sewing machine and other accessories like needle, thread button etc.
  2. You need a room with chairs, proper electricity and other necessity.
  3. You will also need to have a licence before starting tailoring business. You can get all the information regarding the same in the local council.
  4. You also need money for marketing your business.

Marketing plan

Marketing is very important when you plan to establish and create a brand name for your business. Here are some marketing tips, which will surely help you achieve success.

  1. Creating website is one simple way of marketing, but just by creating it you will not be able to pull customers. You have to work hard to bring it up on Google ranking. To do this you can post your site link on different website that advertises companies.
  2. You can also promote your website on social media platform. Facebook and Twitter two such common stage where people meet and share their views. You can have your own page, add friends, and promote your company while having fun and chit-chat with friends.
  3. You can also sell your garments on the website or create a portfolio. When you create a portfolio, make sure that it contains pictures of all the projects that you have stitched so far. This will help customers decide what you want and also why are your clothes different from the others available in the market.
  4. You can also create an album of dresses or accessories designed by you and show it to potential customers.
  5. You can also provide customer some advantage like free delivery, discounts, fast tailoring service etc which will keep you well ahead in the competition.
  6. Maintaining quality is also very important in the business to achieve success.
  7. You can also popularize your business through classified paper, hoardings, television advertisement, pamphlets etc, depending on the kind of investment you have.