Start Your SEO Company

SEO or Search Engine Optimization, as the word says itself is a technique through which websites improve their ranking to make sure that they are easily found on different search engine like Yahoo and Google.

You must be thinking why SEO is necessary for your website? Today, in this competitive world just by opening a website, you will only be able to serve existing customer. SEO will help you improve your ranking through which you will eventually get more organic customers. For example, the existing customers know what kind of product you sell and thus they will visit your website pick whatever they want or services they wish to avail and place the request. But, your business will only flourish when you have big orders from new customers, along with the regular ones. Most of the businessman when they browse through the web to know about different companies which can serve their purpose, what they do is type search word in the address bar and press enter. The results are usually more than a page long. They visit the websites they find on the top page, assuming that they are the most trustworthy and renowned ones and this creates the importance of SEO.

Current Market Trend And Risk

After the Panda and Penguin issue Google has become very selective and focused in enhancing user experience. It is actively working on removing all the spam’s so that good informative content comes on top. Most of the companies are appointing experts who can write good useful content which can improve their web ranking and thus SEO business is gaining popularity today. Moreover, everyday you will find new companies coming up which has increased the competition in the market. All the business owners want to see themselves on top and thus they look for people who have an ability to pull them up. They are also spending a huge amount of money on SEO and thus the business has a bright future.

On the other hand, when you start a SEO business, you must be very particular about what you write. The information that you are writing should match the companies need. If you are not able to do so then your business will also be at stake. Thus, SEO business is quite rewarding but it has some risk associated with it.

Who can start SEO agency

Anyone who can write well and think creatively can enter into the business with proper training. SEO Training Point is a Bangalore based marketing agency where you can join and know how to start with the business and what are the basic things you will need. Here are the few things that you must know when you venture into the profession and the experts of SEO Training Point will help you in the same.

  1. First thing that you will need to start a SEO business is a website. Opening a website is easy if you know the proper steps. In SEO Training Point the experts will help you open one and decorate it with custom design and theme.
  2. Once the site is live you can invite clients by sending them newsletter. In the newsletter you can write about the services and the facilities you provide. But, do you know how to draft a newsletter? No, then you must surely take an experts help and Training Point is always there standing beside you.
  3. You will be charging different amount from clients, depending on the service you provide. While deciding on the charges there are many factors that you must keep into consideration.
  4. You must also decide on how you will be receiving payment from the clients. You can take the money from them on monthly basis or soon after the project is done. You can accept the amount through standing order, PayPal or cheque.
  5. Once everything is set you will need clients to start with the work. There are different ways of approaching the clients. You can collect web address, telephone number, address and email address and write to them personally. You can get all these information from the online directory. This process can be quite time taking and tiresome. You can also use software to make the process fast. Once the software collects the information you can write to them for business.
  6. Before you start with the optimizing process for your client have a very clear perception and know what kind of service he/she provides and its niche. Once all the information is collected start creating a unique piece of writing with keywords which can attract more people.

Marketing Plan

Marketing is very important for continuous business and new clients. You can promote your business both offline and online and here are some tips:

  1. Today internet and social media platform is used by most of the people. Thus, you can make use of such platform to promote your business.
  2. You can also keep sending newsletters to prospects with discounts and special offer.
  3. You can print business card and give it to anyone or everyone. Don’t be selective and think oh! he/she is not a business man so why should I waste my card. You never know when his friend, other family members or colleagues might require a SEO help and he/she might hand over the card given by you to them.
  4. You can also put an advertisement on the yellow pages so that it is visible to potential business owners.
  5. Business directories are one good way of reaching out to clients. Make sure that your companies address is there in the local or national directories.
  6. Networking is another amazing way of marketing your SEO firm. You can reach out to club or other places where business class people meet and there tell them about the service you provide.
  7. You can publish advertisement in local newspapers.
  8. Linkedln is also a great place to promote your SEO Business. You can sign in and directly get connected to business owners through the site.
  9. You can also print SEO report and send it to the potential clients.