Start your content writing services

Have you ever considered writing as a career option? We aren’t talking about publishing writers for bestsellers but writers who write for business communication to help organizations with marketing and relationship building with customers. One of the many striking small business options, starting content writing services is a promising one given the growing prospect of online communication and commerce.Start your content writing services is highly skill driven and requires minimum infrastructural and investment.

About this business opportunity

Content writers are highly regarded for producing quality and informative content for online readers. As more and more businesses embrace online communication and marketing as most trusted platform for business promotion and growth, demand for qualified online writers have gone up significantly. Writers are now demanded for developing wide range of marketing communication documents and supporting SEO and SMO by generating content that would add value to readers.

People from literature, Journalism and Mass Communication background are ideal candidates to start off as content writers. But apart from them, anyone with flair for writing with sharp understanding and analytical abilities can also become online writers with little training.

Current market trend

Interest has really accelerated demand for online writers. But when both supply and demand soaring, writers and businesses hardly come together for a fair exchange. The market is insanely competitive with a large number of freelance writers struggling for limited amount of opportunities. Indian writers are known for being affordable and yet they suffer on language issues. All these factors make surviving a real challenge for writers, who, for survival, need a balanced portfolio of returning and new clients on a regular basis.

Marketing plays a very important role in deciding the future of a content writing business in the current context. Writers need to focus on network building and branding to promote their image on the web platform.

Level of competition

India is always known as a destination for affordable and quality talents. While job opportunities exist both within and outside the nation, competition is also intense. To survive the competition one is always required to stay ahead and produce valuable, quality content that is grammatically and information wise correct.

Writers need to concentrate on creating value for the reader and target the market with efficiency. As thousands of content is published online daily, writers are required to keep quality of their content really high to generate value for readers and clients. The purpose remains to generate qualified business leads for client by channelizing more traffic to client site through their content.

The future

The future holds both good and bad news for the writers. Recently there have been landmark changes in search engine algorithm to improve user search experience. The target is to weed out poor quality, repetitive and plagiarized content from search results and put only high quality content on the top slots. Rising popularity of social media is putting forth new set of challenges before writers as it has made qualitative evaluation easier.

On the good side, it is a continuously expanding industry with tremendous growth prospect for good writers. As companies are looking for more affordable solution for their marketing communication need volume of outsourced work to India has grown significantly allowing content writers to experiment on wide spectrum of writing categorized as below:

  • Web and SEO content
  • Marketing content
  • Instructional designing
  • Technical writing
  • e-books and e-magazines
  • web portals and e-commerce sites

Who can start this business?

Writers, aspiring writers, journalists, housewives, retired professionals, SEO executives – the list for suitable candidates who can start content writing business is long. One however, needs good knowledge of English language, grammar etc.

Skill set you need?

To become a successful content writing entrepreneur following are the set of skills required.

  • Writing creative and compelling content
  • Creating value adding content for readers
  • Branding and promoting
  • Workable knowledge of SEO
  • Promoting content on web platform to reach to most customers
  • Interacting with customers to avail your service
  • Team building, managing and resource management
  • Website
  • New leads and customers

Aspiring writers now can take advantage of comprehensive writers training programs to get educated about the nuances of content development and marketing.

Level of risk

Many industry experts have argued that content writing has no future. But that is only partially true. Good content writers always have a great future in the industry that is expanding at a rapid pace. However, risk level for content writers is also high. The factors which might impact success of content writing business are mentioned below.

  • Level of competition
  • Risk from substandard content and writers
  • Lack of marketing and networking
  • Managing financials in terms of receivables and outflowImpact of global economy , which is contracting
  • Frequently changed algorithm of search engines

Profit feasibility


Running and establishment, building and managing team might need some investment. However, the threshold is very low and can be avoided. Initial investment to start a business may only involve computer and internet connection.

To promote business and services, content writer needs an online presence through business website. Today one can get web designing and hosting solutions at rates that are easy on pocket. SEOTP, SEO marketing and content writing training courses provider, offers start-up marketing solution and support that includes website building and hosting at affordable rate.

Marketing plan

Content writers can’t deny the importance of comprehensive marketing plan both online and offline to grow their network of clients.

  • Off line – Conventional media can offer great leverage to content developers to promote their business to larger group and educating them on advantages of online content marketing.
  • Internet marketing – As their business needs constant source of fresh lead building a sustainable marketing plan is crucial for content writing business on internet platform. Digital marketing plan for content writing business involves – SEO, website updates and management, social media promoting, blogs, forums and online community participation, e-mail marketing updating customers on various deals and services.