Start your computer and laptop servicing center

If you have a Midas touch when it comes to repair laptops or computers then you can start your computer and laptop servicing center as a small business. Since introduction of open market policies, popularity of computer and in recent time laptop has grown exponentially in India. This coupled with wide spread computer training has supported it to become a household item. Today a significant portion of Indian urban population has one or more than one desktops or laptops at home. Given the size of country’s population it creates quite a huge demand for computer and laptop servicing centers.

About this business opportunity

Repairing computer and laptops perhaps is one of the most skill-driven businesses. Apart from your skills it really doesn’t require huge capital investment. You can start from a shop or may run a mobile business by offering servicing solutions at clients’ places. In the last few years penetration of computers has increased manifolds even to the hinterlands of the country. Most schools now have computer learning in their curriculum, which has prompted parents to buy computers at home. The nature of services provided by computer repairing agencies has undergone mammoth transformation over the years. During early 90s it only meant selling spare parts for computers. But now it has become a specialized service and your services can be sought in installing applications or dealing with computer virus.

Rates of computer repairing agencies vary widely depending on location, range of services and expertise. But the national average suggests it between INR 300 to INR 700. These charges also depend on nature of client, i.e. individual or corporate.

Current market trend: growing

Who can start this business?

Computer and laptop repairing business offers great career opportunity if you want to become an independent entrepreneur. One can obtain certification course on computer and hardware management and repairing to begin with. There are now several agencies that will provide an array of courses both at beginners’ level and advanced level for interested candidates. Knowledge on technical nitty-gritty can help in building a successful business in the long run. Along with one is also need to keep abreast with changing marketing trend and upgrade types of services accordingly.

Skill set you need

The most important skill set required is technical knowledge on fixing latest models of laptops and computers. For this one can obtain certification from one of the reputed training institutes that offer courses of hardware and computer repairing.

Level of risk

As a matter of fact, the level of competition faced by computer repairing agencies is very high. Concentration of such agencies in an area is an indication of intense competition that these agencies face.

These agencies face challenges in keeping the number of clientele growing on a continuous basis and therefore, need a comprehensive marketing strategy that will promote their brand name and services amidst selected market.

Profit feasibility: High

Investment: Initially 1 to 2 lakhs

Admin work


Team building/staff: Hire one tele caller, two marketing guys, 2 technician.

Website building

Today businesses can’t deny the importance of a business website in promoting their services. Even if yours is a small business, catering only to a coterie a business website may prove essential in promoting brand name across platforms. Nowadays, small businesses can avail services of website design and development firms offering wide array of services at very competitive rate.

Marketing plan

if you are finding it difficult to acquire new businesses on a regular basis then you must focus on devising a comprehensive marketing plan. Most small business owners fail to see importance of a marketing plan and many others avoid it in fear of cost.

Off-line: Offline marketing till date is one of the most successful methods of promoting one’s business to customers. Offline marketing involves cost but one can also be creative in devising a marketing plan that is affordable as well.

Online: Digital marketing has come in a strong way as a means for affordable marketing. Digital media has opened more than one ways to entrepreneurs to promote their services to niche clientele on web platforms. Thorough paid and organic marketing one can generate a steady source of qualified leads for their businesses.