Start your cell phone servicing center

Mobile phone is one amongst the few industries that have emerged with the advent technology. Since it was invented telephone had been quintessential for facilitating quicker communication. The modern version of it or cell phones too has reshaped the world of communication. Smart phones have facilitated communication in more than one ways— chat, voice calls, video calls, document sharing, photo sharing, emailing, and more. The market for cell phones is a growing one with new markets coming up in developing nations. The ensuing war between the leading cell phone manufacturing brands had led to technologically advanced and feature loaded devices. For small business entrepreneurs like you it can offer a great career opportunity in fixing these high-end devices.

About this business opportunity

Repairing high-end handheld devices need specialized skills and therefore, demand for skilled technicians is very high in the market. One can work as independent entrepreneur or as franchise of a top mobile manufacturing brand. In either way, cell phone repairing offers excellent business opportunity. Overall, this is a great time to start a mobile phone repairing business.

However, to start as a mobile phone technician, one would need practical knowledge in fixing different mobile devices. There are training institutions where you can receive training in repairing cell phones.

Current market trend

According to industry watchers, the current market situation is apt for starting a cell phone repairing business. Open economic policies in India has ensured that its people have easy access to modern technology with the rest of the world. The large population with good spending abilities is also a reason to attract all the leading mobile device manufacturing brands to release their latest and flagship models in India simultaneously with the rest of the world. This had resulted in high demand for qualified mobile phone repairing services.

Today repairing not only means changing parts in cell phones. But technicians are also offering services in configuring, software installing, upgrading, and virus scanning solutions to customers.

Level of competition

No matter how bright the prospect looks for cell phone repairing business, competition amongst technicians are also very high. Nowadays, one can find more than one such repairing centre in their vicinity. Depending on where you intend to start your business, competition may vary. And, level of competition is higher in urban areas than rural parts.

The future: Bright

Who can start this business?

If you have required training and knowledge of the industry you can start your business of cell phone repairing agency. There are agencies to offer certification course on cell phone repairing. Obtaining such certification would add authenticity to your services.

Skill set you need

As a small entrepreneur you may be required to wear more than one hat at a time and so, apart from technical expertise, you would also need business management and leadership skills to run a successful agency. Side-by-side, marketing would also play important role in helping your business target the right audience. Ability to devise effective marketing strategy will also be an important skill set.


Depending on the size of your business, you would need an establishment, few furniture, and tools to run your business. Along with you may also need capital investment for marketing and promoting your brand. There may be cost involved in enrolling for franchise program as well. It is therefore advisable that one must take a good stock of all the expenses involved in starting cell phone repairing business.

Team building/staff

As your business grows, you may find need to form teams of technicians and that would demand team building and management skills.

Website building

A professionally built website can help your business succeed in the long run. Nowadays, internet provides everyone with an opportunity to search for information anytime and from anywhere. One can now avail professional website designing solutions at competitive rates. There are web developing firms that offer special rate and services for small business entrepreneurs.

Marketing plan

  • Offline
  • Internet marketing
  • Marketing kit
  • Maintenance

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