Start your business consulting agency

Starting your very own business consulting agency may sound like an exciting idea to many. Business consultants are highly sought to help businesses from across industries achieve breakeven point faster and developing a roadmap of sustaining growth path. Consultants are often contacted on a wide variety of issues faced by a business or may required to offer effective marketing solutions to promote overall growth. In today’s fast evolving economic scenario business consultants play a pivotal role that is multi-dimensional. But it would be wrong to think that they don’t face any challenge in doing so. In fact, business consultants are required to work on a highly competitive environment where they are in constant pressure to produce great results for clients.

What is a business consulting solution

Business consultants offer specialized services and expertise in creatively resolving problems faced by a business. In recent time, demand for consulting services has grown significantly to become an industry in itself. Consultants use their problem solving abilities in helping businesses find foothold in their respective industries and identifying their target market better through multi-layered penetration. As world of communication is undergoing sea changes, business consultants extend their expertise to help business communicate effectively on the newer platforms and marketing.

Business consulting is a growing industry. In the US it has grown into a billion dollar industry. The demand for specialist consulting solution is also growing in India offering great business opportunity to those, who love challenges. However, it is not easy to start a consulting business. It has its own challenges, which we have listed below.

  • Knowledge, training and entrepreneurship skills
  • Identifying the right market
  • Knowledge of marketing
  • Building reputation and client base
  • Building network
  • Learning the various ways of business promotion
  • Managing client relationship and working on client retention
  • Reporting and regular updates
  • Identifying the right marketing policy
  • Adaptive
  • And above all, delivering

Business consultants are required to do the tightrope walk. On one hand, they are required to deal with varied client demands and on the other, they need to deliver under strict conditions. Several factors make one consultant good than the other.

Scopes for business consultants in India

Business consulting is an upcoming new idea for small business entrepreneurs. It is a kind of business that involves less capital resources and more human skills. One can start off a consulting firm even from their home office as long as they have the right focus. If you have great problem-solving abilities with an outgoing attitude and assertive manner, you can be a successful consultant. But, unfortunately, that is not all. To survive in the competitive environment you would need business management, resource management and promotional skills that need proper training.

Business consultants in India come from different sectors of life with different skill sets. These consultants are lending their expertise to disperse clientele comprising small, medium and even large organizations. The business consulting sector is experiencing tremendous growth opportunities in India given the fact that companies are now looking for affordable and effective ways of business management and therefore, preferring outsourcing marketing and promotional activities.

Outsourcing consulting requirements result in leaner and streamlined business management and give access to professional expertise and innovative solutions of reputable consultant. But the business of business consulting is lot less easier than it seems. Digital marketing industry is fast transforming, especially with the new upgrades from the search engine sites and also because of the powerful role that social media now plays.

Earlier finding success as a business consultant was lot easier. The digital market was evolving and social media was non-existent. The situation has changed quite a bit as competition intensified.

Business consulting training

To survive in the changed situation aspiring consultants can’t deny the importance of comprehensive training to develop skills on different aspects of consultancy business such as—digital marketing strategy, digital marketing tools, leadership skills, time and resource management, client management, and more. But as the current scenario stands, there is a serious dearth of qualified training centers in India for aspiring business consultants.

DBS Next Level business consulting training

We at DBS Next Level offer entrepreneurship training to small businesses across industries. Since beginning we have been focusing on offering quality training to candidates, looking for a career in digital marketing and small business entrepreneurs in helping them carve a niche in competitive market. We help them devising a complete and sustainable business and marketing plan for long run sustainability.

Our training is targeted to train candidates on the following aspects.

  • Developing leadership abilities
  • Identifying market challenges
  • Developing marketing strategy according to industry and requirement of client
  • SEO and different aspects of digital marketing
  • Competitor analysis and market analysis
  • Business promotion and reputation management
  • dealing with depleting client base

DBS Next Level small business mentoring and training solutions are focused on offering industry specific training. We therefore carefully analyze requirements, aptitude and experience of a candidate before formulating the right training procedure. DBS Next Level courses are offered to marketing managers, professionals, independent consultants, students, graduates, housewives and even retired professionals interested in starting home-based consultancy services.

Our training course on digital marketing focuses on creating awareness about the changing trends and developments in business consulting field and strategies to successfully adapt to changed situation.


During our stint as media and marketing solution provider for eleven years we have realized the importance of finding the right platform for promoting a small business. Entrepreneurs struggle for initially penetrating the market and finding a foothold in it. Aside from training, DBS Next Level therefore offers marketing toolkit to each successful candidate that will help them kick-start their venture. Additionally, we also offer web designing and hosting solutions, content creation and marketing solutions, graphic designing services, and more.

Business consultancy is challenging yet rewarding career option but only those adaptive to changing situation will survive in the long run.