Rural Business Exhibitor

Start your rural business exhibitor

As Mahatma Gandhi said: Village is the lifeline of Indian Economy and most of the Indians live in villages. So you can easily guess that if a business has to be started in a rural area, its target will be the rural people whose needs and requirements are different from those of the urban people. For the person starting a business in rural areas, the main target is to keep in mind the economic needs and conditions of potential customers because any kind of mismatch between the demand and supply will be a disaster for the business. A new entrepreneur in such case requires various kinds of help and support to start. Here comes the importance and the requirement of the Rural Business Exhibitor.
A Rural Business Exhibitor works as a promoter, a sponsor and a guide for a fresh or a new rural business. The exhibitor not only provides proper guidance but also provide monetary assistance to the entrepreneur. He works as the backbone of the rural business.

Who can be a rural business exhibitor?

Anybody with a dynamic lookout and monetary strength can be an Exhibitor. He must have the clear idea about his role as well as his strength. The following points are to be remembered to be an Exhibitor:

  • The person must have a clear idea about the rural conditions of India, especially the area where he is planning to start the business.
  • Exhibitor must be aware of the demands and requirements of the people living in that local rural area.
  • Exhibitor must have a clear knowledge about the geographical condition of the place.
  • Exhibitor ideas about the spots where a business can be properly started must be certain.
  • Exhibitor financial background must be strong enough to help an entrepreneur.
  • Exhibitor goodwill and reputation must be good enough to be an exhibitor so that he can assist the entrepreneurs in their business.

Skill set of exhibitor and duties:

The Exhibitor helps the entrepreneurs in various ways, thus they must have adequate knowledge about the job they have to perform, and here is a list of duties:

  1. To start a business in a rural area, first of all, the demand for the product of the business is going to come up within that area or the adjacent areas is to be considered. An Exhibitor can give proper guidance for that.
  2. The supply of the money for the business is a must. The Exhibitor can ensure that capital so that the business process does not get stopped due to lack of money.
  3. A business does stand on demand and supply. Once the demand is properly detected the supply must be properly ensured. An Exhibitor can provide support to build up an infrastructure by the entrepreneur so that the supply does not get hampered due to lack of distribution facilities.
  4. The financial support is of utmost importance. The Exhibitor must have a strong finance support system to help the business. Even if he does not have the required money of his own, he must have other sources or the knowledge of the other funds which can provide necessary help at the time of need.
  5. For all the above points, one thing for the Exhibitor is highly important and that is his reputation. His advice must be authentic and his assistance must be dependable so that the person he is helping does not hesitate to take support from him. Not only for the businessman, must he have good reputation among his helping units also.

Admin work, training and marketing:

Before you venture into the business you must have adequate knowledge about the subject. DBS Next Level is a Small Medium Business solutions company where you can know more about the duties of an exhibitor. The experts here will help you establish your business and understand the admin work which is as follows:

  • Normally when you work for a company as an exhibitor you will have to organize shows to promote their business. In the training you will learn how to select space, decide on product to be displayed, and pre market it to ensure enough visitors come in and know about the business.
  • There are different marketing strategies and some of them are social media platform, emails, postcard etc.
  • You must have a set goal when you work as an exhibitor to make the company successful. Normally exhibitors take shows as a lead generation process but that must not be the point of view. If you speak out to the attendees and tell them about the benefits of the product exhibited, then there is a chance that they might place the order on spot. You must not leave the order on chance just by collecting the leads. Proper strategy is very important to be successful in the exhibitor business. You can learn how to plan strategy during the training at DBS Next Level.
  • Once leads are generated, next start is the follow-up process. Here you can start with the people whom you think can be potential customers, depending on the information they have provided. Thus, it is very important that when you collect leads you must know the technique and politely collect information that are important and will help you decide. You can know about the type of business they are into, product they are looking for, how many employees they are handling etc. You can also know about their purpose of visit to the show. This will give you a clear idea how the lead is and should you be wasting time on it by continuous follow-up.
  • You can also use Electronic Lead management to make the follow-up phase smooth. While doing this make a note and write qualifies in front of prospects that you think are good and can help in making your business plan successful.

DBS Next Level will also help to bring out the leadership quality in you so that you can run the job of an exhibitor successfully and speak out to people effectively.