Online bus ticketing site

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Travel is something everyone does. However, not everyone has the time to go to an office, wait and book their bus tickets. You can help such people by owning an online bus ticketing site. DBS Next Level can develop a fully functional online bus ticketing site for you through which you can view available buses, choose the seats, block tickets, sell them to your customers and provide them a printable copy that they can download. The feature will be very easy to use and will not require any kind of special training.

Ways to make money from an online bus ticketing site:

  • You can charge a convenience fee from your customers for helping them book their bus tickets online through your website
  • You can charge the bus services some commission for selling their tickets.
  • You can bulk-buy tickets and make more money by asking for a discount
  • You can try selling other stuff like mobile recharges, hotel bookings and so on, through the same website
  • You can earn through placing banner ads of other websites on your websites.
  • You can earn some interest on the money that you make from your customers in case you can pay the bus operator at a later stage.

How DBS Next Level can help you?

  • We can design your logo, create your brand and host your domain in the best possible way at a reasonable cost.
  • We can design your website by including appropriate images, videos and various other elements that can make your online bus ticketing site a huge hit. We understand what is and what is not favored by the search engines. Hence, we can make sure your website is search-engine friendly and user-friendly too.
  • Through our expert content writing team, we can give your website that competitive edge that it deserves.
  • Our SEO experts can adopt the best SEO & SEM strategies and tools to increase the visibility, improve the page ranking and also drive maximum traffic to your website.
  • We can maintain your website by updating your webpages regularly at a low cost
  • We can promote your website through link-building activities and other important digital marketing strategies and increase the loyalty among your customers
  • We can provide you a platform to interact with your customers and provide excellent customer service
  • We can run campaigns for you to increase your sales and profitability
  • We can maintain your social media page and improve your business through effective social media marketing
  • We can provide excellent suggestions and solutions for any issues you may be facing

DBS Next Level believes in working with you to design, develop and maintain an online bus ticketing site for you which can fetch you maximum revenue in the easiest possible manner.

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