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‘Marriages are made in heaven.’ Though most people believe in this even today, the popularity of online matrimonial websites has been increasing, especially among Indians. Such sites help them to look for their life partner based on their interests and preferences. Most users find this option very cost-effective as they will save on the amount they need to pay to marriage broker every time he introduces them to a prospect. Lot of money can be saved on making trips to meet these prospects as most matrimonial websites offer a platform to the members to chat with the prospects they choose. They can later decide to meet only if they are satisfied and confident.

Once a user registers on a matrimonial site, he can upload his profile with his photograph and other details. Such profiles will be stored on a database that is maintained by that website. Users can run customized searches based on nationality, gender, age, religion, caste, geographic location and availability of photograph in order to look for suitors. From the list of profiles they get based on such a search, they can choose to initiate conversations. Although most matrimonial websites are free to register, only paid members or premium members get to actually interact with prospective grooms or brides.

While registration is one way to make money by owning a matrimonial websites, DBS Next Level can provide you many other options to increase the turnover from your matrimonial site. Some of these are as follows:

Wedding Planning: If you have a passion for planning weddings and other events, a matrimonial website can give you lots of opportunities to make some money through your passion. DBS Next Level can help in promoting you as a wedding planner and drive more and more traffic to your website. This will give you more prospective clients to interact with.

Featured Members: You can offer this special facility to premium members who are looking for instant results. For a fee, you can feature their profile so that it gets that additional visibility or focus. This will increase their chances of being searched for by prospects and they will be happy to pay you the fee.

Email Campaigns: DBS Next Level can help you run email campaigns for certain special members at a special rate. You will have to understand their preferences, look for suitors and send emails to them with their details. This way people who are not active members of your website will be able to see their details and contact them.

Apart from the above, DBS Next Level can help in increasing the visibility of your website by optimizing its design and content and making it search-engine friendly. We can help you drive more and more traffic to your website so that your revenue can increase by leaps and bounds.

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