Classified site

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  • Products: People can buy or sell products by posting classified ads on your website. You can classify these products into various categories like electronics, automobiles, properties, books, music, and heavy equipment.
  • Services: Users of your website would like to buy or sell services related to beauty, computers, household, automotive, real estate and so on. Through your website you can provide a platform for your users to post their ads for free.
  • Jobs: People looking for jobs and companies looking for employees to fill in their vacancies can post their ads on your website. These can also be categorized into groups such as admin, finance, business management, human resources, engineering, and legal.
  • Matrimonial: In your classified site you can also include a section for matrimonial ads where users can post ads to find bride or groom of their community. Accordingly you can categorize such ads on the basis of caste or community.
  • Educational: You can also add in a section for users to post ads pertaining to educational courses and certifications. These ads can be categorized into groups such as business management, Legal, Technical, Engineering and so on.

Optimizing your classified site:Your classified site will be of no use if it is not optimized well enough for the Search Engines. With the help of our professional web designing and content development team we can optimize your classified site in the best possible way and make it as search-engine-friendly as possible.

Competitive edge: We will research various top classified sites and include many popular categories on your website, depending upon the specifications and preferences of your target audience. By adopting the right design with the user preferences in mind, we can give your website that competitive edge you always dreamed about.

User Interaction: DBS Next Level can provide you a platform to interact with your users through discussion forums. This way you will be able to find out what your users want and provide the same.

Monetary Benefits: We will help you in making maximum money from your website by way of options like affiliate marketing, Google AdSense, featured ads, bump ads, membership subscriptions and pay-per-ad programs.

Website Maintenance: In order to sustain your page ranking, you will need to maintain your website and update the content regularly. DBS Next Level can be your website maintenance partner for maintaining your classified website and making sure it stays on the top page of Search Engine Results.

Driving Traffic to your Website: Through online marketing strategies like link building and PPC advertising we will help in increasing the traffic to your website, thereby increasing your online money-making capacity.

Building better customer experience: By making your website easily navigable and user-friendly, we will help in enhancing the online experience of your users. This will increase their loyalty and help your website build a good reputation.

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