Static web site

Do you want to have an online presence in a cost-effective way?
Do you want to own a website that is really fast and easy to navigate?
If yes, go for a Static Website!

DBS Next Level can design an excellent static website for your business at a very affordable price. If your website doesn’t need much updates when it comes to content, static website is the ideal choice to go for. Even on low bandwidths, these websites perform extremely well in terms of speed and navigation. The visitors of your website can easily and quickly download your brochures and files, without any hassles.

Many marketing companies, blogs and professionals go for static websites. Affordability happens to be the main reason for the popularity of these websites.For an average user, static website is one where all webpages of the site appear as they are stored on the server. The entire page is viewed as an html page. Unlike in dynamic websites, the server does not send header, banner, content and footer in bits and pieces. Also, since static websites have no databases, there cannot be any logins here.

Benefits of Static Websites:

A static website offers many benefits, which is why you should choose to go for one.

  • Static websites are small and fast: All documents get preassembled in static websites and therefore, there will be nothing running in the background that can slow down the website. DBS Next Level can work with you to create an impressive static website with informative content for your visitors.
  • Static websites are easy to create and host: HTML and CSS are all that are needed to create static websites. You can even design one using one of the several frameworks that are available. At DBS Next Level, we use Twitter Bootstrap and Foundation to design your Static website so that it can be viewed easily on any device like tablet, smart phone or PC. We can help you launch your static website within a very short span of time.
  • Static Websites allow brochures, images and other information to be downloaded a whole lot faster, even if you are working on a low bandwidth. Through some excellent tools, DBS Next Level can optimize your static website in the best possible manner.
  • The webpages of static website are easily editable. Depending upon your requirements, DBS Next Level can help you make the necessary changes to your webpages in order to update your content or optimize your website.
  • The web layout of a static website can also be changed easily. DBS Next Level has all the required tools and the knowhow to change the layout of your static website to make it more impressive and easily navigable.

DBS Next Level can provide you high quality web solutions to give your business, an impressive online presence. With the help of our professional web designers, web developers and SEO experts, we can make an excellent static website for you at a reasonable price, within a very short span of time. Our customer care representatives will be at your service, whenever you may need their help to answer a query or sort out an issue.


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