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Would you like to have the email address of each and every visitor who visits your website? Do you want a web page that will lure your visitors into giving away their email addresses? Squeeze Page is just what you need!

It is very important for every business to target the right customers whenever they launch a new product or a service. This is only possible if you know the email addresses of these customers. Not everybody would be interested in giving away their email addresses, especially when they have a hunch that they are going to receive promotional mails from businesses. This is where a squeeze page comes into picture. As the name suggests this page aims towards convincing, cajoling or even squeezing a visitor to give that coveted piece of information, which is his email address. While most squeeze pages end up annoying the visitors, a squeeze page created for you by DBS Next Level will just help you in getting access to that very much desired piece of information – the email addresses of your visitors.

If you have just stepped into online marketing, squeeze page can be a great choice for you. You may not even need a website. A squeeze page will successfully get you the email addresses of people who are interested in your products or services. Once you get these email IDS, you can start contacting your prospective customers in order to convert them into sales. The chances of conversion are high here as these are the people who are genuinely interested in your products or services. Also, a squeeze page will cost you a whole lot lesser than a fully functional website.

How we can help you getting best squeeze page design ?

While most websites have squeeze pages that look like spams, DBS Next Level can make you one that attracts visitors and gains their trust before collecting their email addresses.

  • We can create a squeeze page either in the style of a pop-up or a splash page, depending upon your requirement
  • We can include genuine testimonials and success stories that help in winning the trust of your visitors
  • By adding in some impressive video or multimedia elements we can help in attracting the attention of your visitors to your squeeze page
  • With easily readable text we include keywords and key phrases into your squeeze page in order to optimize it in a search-engine friendly way
  • Through the use of right images and the color combinations we can make your squeeze page very appealing for your visitors
  • We will make sure to include social sharing buttons on your squeeze page in order to increase the visibility

One thing you need to remember is to offer something to your visitors in return for their email addresses. It could be an eBook, an email course, a template or a design aid or even a white paper collection that will help them in some way or the other. The better your offer the better will be the results, provided you have an impressive squeeze page created by a professional web developer such as DBS Next Level.

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