Micro sites

Do you want a special website for a new product or brand that you may be ready to launch?
Are you interested in owning a small website that is totally optimized for Search Engines?
You are looking for a microsite!

It is SEO that can make you stand apart from your competitors. Although there are many SEO strategies you can use to optimize your company website, nothing works like a microsite. Through a microsite you can focus on promoting a particular product or a service. You can either use it to promote content that is different from your primary site or you can add value to your primary site by adding some extra details on your microsite. Nevertheless, if you use the right approach, nothing can stop you from reaching the top rank in the search engine results page.

Why own a microsite?

  • When the primary website of the company fails to achieve search engine optimization or conversion, a microsite can do the trick for you. When it is tough to take care of the defects and fix your primary website, a microsite can become a blessing for you. It can help you achieve your results within a short span of time.
  • You can experiment with a microsite to reach out to a different target audience. You can also change your selling approach or a use a different look or voice. While your main site remains the same, you can try any variation you want through a microsite without actually risking anything.
  • When you have too many products to offer, it becomes tough to go deep on any particular topic. However, a microsite will have no such limitations. The deeper you go with your content in a microsite, the better optimized it will be for the search engines.
  • Through a microsite you can choose a relevant domain name for each and every business line of your company. You will be recognized as authoritative by Google, which can make it tough for niche companies to compete with you.
  • Microsites can help you when you require local websites to compete with local companies for Google always shows preference to serve local search results.

How DBS Next Level Can help you?

Having a microsite is a good option; but getting a microsite done by DBS Next Level can be a better option.

  • • We carefully understand your goal behind owning a microsite so that we can give you just what you want. If you want to promote a product, we will give in-depth information and focus completely on your product through the microsite.
  • • We will target your audience in the right way by adopting the right strategies and approaches.
  • • Through our expert content developing team, we can put up quality information on the microsite to achieve your goal.
  • • Our professional web designing team will help in coming up with the best design for your website through which you can easily interact with the users. This will also help in enhancing their online experience.
  • It would do good to own a couple of microsites and dedicated each one of them to promote a particular brand or a product your company may deal with. This way, you can even dominate the top five search results not letting your competitors get in your way.

Call us today and give us your specifications for the best microsite that can take your business one notch higher.


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