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Landing page designing services

Are you finding it difficult to interact with your customers in spite of having an impressive website? Do you want a web page which will help you collect customer information? Go for a Landing page!

Every website, however impressive it might be, will definitely need a landing page. A landing page is a web page which has a form that helps the business to collect customer information. This is its basic purpose of existence. Any web page can have this kind of a form; but due to distractions, it may not serve the purpose of collecting customer information efficiently. Hence, it is very important for every website to have a landing page. DBS Next Level can help create a super-functional landing page for you with as minimal distractions as possible.

In case you are wondering why you have to use a form to collect customer information, the purpose of such a form is only to help conversion. Most websites use these forms for many purposes such as:

  • To help the visitors download an eBook
  • To help the users subscribe to a blog
  • To collect transnational information whenever a customer wants to purchase a particular product from the website.

The information is collected so that the customers can be given something in return. The number of fields that you can have on this form depends upon the purpose for which you are collecting such information.

How we can help with your landing page designing?

At DBS Next Level, we understand the importance of a landing page and what it can do to your business, which is why we try and make it super-efficient for you.

  • While keeping it simple, we can create a very impressive landing page for you with an appealing headline
  • We use the right images to bring the attention of your customers to your offers
  • We understand the importance of CTA or Call to Action and we will use the right color schemes to optimize the same in the best possible manner. We will make sure it looks prominent on your landing page
  • We will make sure your visitors are able to see all the fields of your form, your CTA and the benefits they get from filling the form, at one go, without having to scroll down.
  • Before creating your landing page, we make sure we understand all your requirements and specifications so that we can include the right elements on your landing page in order to achieve your goal.
  • By highlighting your unique selling points on your landing page, we ensure you get that competitive advantage
  • While not making the form on your landing page too long for your customers to fill, we help you in displaying the right fields that are most relevant for your business.
  • By including some impressive customer testimonials, we help in winning the trust of your visitors, thereby increasing the chances for conversions.
  • By using the right keywords and key phrases, we can help in optimizing your landing page and making it search-engine-friendly
  • By including social share buttons on your landing page we can help in increasing the visibility of your landing page.

Call us today for an impressive and fully functional landing page that can do wonders to your business!


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