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With every business getting an online presence, it pays to understand how to design websites.If you are a creative person and have an interest in the internet, you can surely become a web designer. While color scheme, layout and the general design of a website are things you need to focus upon, there are also other things such as making a website easily navigable and improving the ranking of the website in the Search Engine result pages. Knowledge about computer programming and coding is also required if you want to become a good web designer. If you already have this knowledge you stand a better chance and if you don’t you still stand a good chance because DBS Next Level can help you gain that knowledge.

What DBS Next Level can teach you about web designing?

Our web designing course syllabus includes:

  • Internet and Browsers: Understanding all aspects of internet and the different browsers
  • HTML: If you need to learn web designing you have to learn HTML as this is the language through which you will be creating the pages of a website. We will teach you different aspects of page structure, web layout, text formatting, image formatting, tables, lists, links, and forms and so on. We will also teach how to create different types of web pages using HTML.
  • Photoshop: Any website you create needs to be aesthetically appealing, which cannot be done with only html. Therefore, we teach you the different aspects of Photoshop. Through this you will understand how to create web layout, web banners, web animation and many other things that will be of help. You will also learn to work with layers, images and various kinds of tools that are used in web designing.
  • Flash: Creating web animations, web presentations, web advertisements, web buttons and web banners is an important part of web designing, which is why, we, at DBS Next Level, also teach you different aspects of flash through our web designing course.
  • Dreamweaver: To create an interactive website, you may need a little more than HTML. This is where Dreamweaver comes into picture. This will help you create webpages, hyperlink them, insert tables, work with forms and various other templates that can be of use during web designing.
  • JavaScript: JavaScript is an important thing you need to learn if you want to be a web designer. All those alerts, prompts, functions, variables and commands that you see on websites are all written using JavaScript. DBS Next Level will teach you all these aspects.

Apart from the above, you will also learn things like GIF animation, FTP Uploading, Google analytics, SEO, XML sitemaps and so on. We will also help you get placed with a prestigious organization which will recognize your skills and help you build a career in web designing.

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