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Today there is a huge competition in the business market and one reason behind this are new companies which are coming up every next day, dealing with the same kind of product. The product can be same but the difference what gives them a winning edge is their marketing strategy. Entrepreneurs look for marketing tool which will help them reach out to huge number of audience with minimal investment and this eventually has increased the demand of classified papers.

Usually the classified ads on papers for a company are one to two sentences long but the way of writing just creates the difference. If the writing is attractive people become curious to know more. They either call the office or try to reach out to them to know about the product and how it works. A well written classified can bring in new business and subsequent sales and thus the classified paper business has become one of the most popular and profitable business today.

The competition is more in the business because of the following reasons.


  1. Utility: A classified advertisement on paper contains all details of the company which includes their location, phone number and special offer if any.
  2. Comparison: With the company and offer details, customers can easily compare and select the best one which eventually has increased the number of paper followers.
  3. Convenience: Normally when we watch advertisement on television or online we need to spend some time watching it or wait for its turn to come but newspapers are readily available. You can select your favorite advertisement and read when convenient.
  4. Cost: The production cost of advertisement is also low and thus most of the small and large scale industries find it the best way of getting in touch with customers.
  5. Concentration: Normally when people watch something their concentration level is less but when they read it they try to get into it and understand the meaning. This also increases the competition in the business.

The investment amount to start a local classified paper business is not much and its combined circulation is larger than the dailies. It is also the most profitable business today but unfortunately everybody cannot succeed in it.

Who and how can you start the local classified paper business?

Anyone who is creative and has the right temperament like multi tasking and perseverance can get into the business. Along with monetary gain the one can gain popularity and satisfaction through the business. Along with a command on language, a good marketing strategy will help you succeed in the field. If you are planning to start the business then here are some tips:

  1. Decide the Niche: First of all decide on the niche market that you would like to focus on. If you are targeting young girls and ladies then your classified paper must have attractive lines and images of cosmetics, salons, spa, handbags, and accessories. Classified of certain events which ladies can enjoy might also bring success to your paper. If your target is boys then focus more on their liking. You can search online and know more about their choice and behavior.
  2. Decide on Arrangement: Deciding on the structure is another important thing that you must keep in mind before starting any kind of paper business. While deciding structure, decide on how many pages will your classified paper have and how will you place each and every advertisement on it. Which are the ones you will like to have on top, how big should be the image etc.
  3. Hire People: When you start a new paper business you cannot afford to take full timers who are an expert in the field as it will cost a lot. Try to appoint freelancers who can help you make the paper look attractive by writing nice headlines and advertisement sentences. You can also appoint a freelance or regular marketing personal who can bring in new business, depending on the niche you are targeting.
  4. Arrange Infrastructure with Proper Equipments: Your classified paper business will need certain basic equipment to create an advertisement like a computer with processor which can detect grammar mistake, a scanner, and a color printer. Once the material is ready for your paper you can get it printed in the local press but that might be a little costly. You can save money if you have your own press but that might need some capital.
  5. Legal Formalities: Once all the arrangements are done make sure to register your business from the local government office. You can also protect your business with proper insurance cover so that any kind of break down or accident can be claimed.

Skills that you will need in the business

Along with a sense of competition, other basic skills needed to run the local classified business successfully are:

  1. Writing Skill: You must be able to write catchy sentences which will attract readers and make them curious enough to know more. You must try to maintain the consistency and ensure that there is no obvious grammar or spelling error.?
  2. Images: The images used by you should appeal to the niche. Photoshop knowledge or other such expertise can be quite helpful in the field.
  3. Time Management: You must know the importance of time when running a paper business. Make sure that the paper reaches potential readers in scheduled time. Any delay in the production might spoil the reputation of your business.
  4. Rapport: Goodwill comes from the rapport you maintain with the key members.

Marketing Plan for Local Classified Paper:

To make sure that the paper reaches the target audience you must make proper planning and here are some tips:

  1. Get in touch with local paper vendors or relevant shops. You can also partner with clubs or contact paper agents.
  2. Start by distributing free copies. You can cover the expenses incurred for printing the paper from the companies asking you to advertise. You may also hire door to door delivery agents.
  3. Online distribution can also bring in success to your business. When you create your classified paper on computer you can save a copy on your web address after edition and send it to through email. You can hire someone for collecting local email address from different sources.

Training to Achieve Success:

SEO Training Point is an online training agency, based in Bangalore. The company offers a wide variety of training facilities to people who want to excel in the field of business. The experts will help you:

  1. Understand the market scenario
  2. Build leadership quality so that you can hire right kind people and manage them properly
  3. Help in planning business strategy
  4. Provide idea for promoting your business
  5. Provide marketing tools that will help them succeed in business.


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