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Empowering squeeze pages with quality content!

.Squeeze pages are landing pages that have mainly been designed for two specific purposes. The first is getting the visitor’s name and the second is getting his email address. The main objective of such a page is to ‘squeeze’, or in other words, coax and convince a visitor into becoming a subscriber by entering his information. When he does so, the visitor shows his real interest in the product for the first time. It is therefore very important that your squeeze page is designed with much dexterity and diligence.

Why squeeze page?

The squeeze page of your website has to act like a convincing ultimatum for your prospective buyer. He either accepts your offer or leaves the page. Although this might sound like a risky move on your part, you will be surprised how the average consumer gives in during a pressure situation, especially when the offer is right. Consumers are driven by a will to buy and it is this determination that has brought him to your landing page. As a marketer, you can cash in on this consumerist instinct with the help of a well-designed squeeze page.

Why Us?

There’s a fine line that separates squeeze pages which are perceived as a marketing trap and ones that are considered as offers the visitor cannot possibly refuse. The content on the page has to be both terse and top notch. You will require the services of adept copywriters who know how the intended audience will react to a particular piece of content, and our team at DBS Next Level can boast such specialists.

    • Powerful content
    • Customized content structured around client suggestions
    • Wide range of industries covered, from gadgets to garments
    • Thorough market research

We are well aware that an excess of content can distract the potential customer from the main offer and defeat the whole purpose of a squeeze page. Therefore, we keep it short and, yet, intense and powerful. However precise, it should not present the offer in austere terms. We can create content that will make your product desirable enough for the visitor to surrender his email address without a moment’s hesitation. Call DBS Next Level today to know more or get a free appointment!


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