Social Survey and research in Odisha

DBS Next Level has been into conducting extensive research as well as social and marketing surveys in the state of Odisha, India since the past fifteen years. We have undertaken and completed many government projects successfully. We have conducted a lot of surveys including concurrent monitoring surveys for our clients like WHO and the UNICEF. Such surveys have revealed a lot of statistical information that has helped them solve many problems which the economy of Odisha has been facing for ages now. It is our objective to help the people of the state by being a small part of the big projects that our clients conduct.

Social Survey (Rural Odisha)

  • Healthcare: Healthcare is very important in any part of the world. Through our healthcare surveys you can obtain data about the kind of illnesses people are facing in the state, the causes of such illnesses, the severity, the kind of treatments they resort to, the availability of medication, the number of deaths that happen due to such illnesses and so on. This will help you plan your healthcare services accordingly and work towards improving the health of the people in the state of Odisha.
  • Water: Water is something that all of us need to live. Most people in rural places of Odisha have trouble finding water and even if they do, the water will not be of good quality. This is why we, at DBS Next Level, conduct rural surveys to find out the availability of water, the quality of water, the level of contamination, the cause of contamination, the dangers thereby and how it has affected the people. This kind of information can help government agencies in providing the right kind of resources to help the people of the state.
  • Reproductive child health: The most important part of a child’s life is its infancy. The new mother and the infant, both would need extreme care that will help them remain healthy throughout life. The reproductive child health survey conducted by DBS Next Level in the rural parts of Odisha will help in bringing to light many situations that otherwise remain hidden. It will also reveal the kind of facilities available to pregnant women, new mothers and infants, the kind of lifestyle they adopt, the problems they face, the severity of such problems, the distance they need to travel in case they need help and availability of proper food, water and medicines. This data can help many healthcare providers and government agencies to take proper steps towards improvement.
  • Educational: Education is very important in the life of everyone. Most children and adults in the rural parts of Odisha remain illiterate and uneducated throughout their lives. Our objective at DBS Next Level lies in finding out the reasons for such illiteracy, the number of illiterate people, the age groups of the people, the availability of educational resources, the importance that is given to the use of such resources and the reasons behind non-utilization of these resources. These statistics may go a long way in the proper planning of education in these parts of Odisha.

Marketing survey (city)

  • Product promotion: We, at DBS Next Level, undertake product promotion surveys for lots of businesses as and when they launch new products. We take efforts to understand the target audience and find the right ways to reach them. Then we design the promotional materials that are needed to promote such products in the best possible manner. Our objective in this regard would be to create product awareness and increase visibility for your business.
  • Shop to shop: If you are looking for distributors, wholesalers or retailers to sell your products to the end-users, we can help you with that. We can do shop to shop promotions and create brand awareness for your product amongst many retailers who offer similar products for sale. We will educate them about the product and give them accurate information that will be of help to them while selling the same. We will also talk to them about the benefits they can reap by selling your product.
  • Door to door: If you want to directly sell your product to end-users, we can run a door-to-door promotion for you. We will send our marketing/sales executives for promoting your product directly to the end-users. We will make sure they give full information about your product and explain its benefits to them. We can also give them proper demonstrations on the use of the product, which will lure them to purchase the same. We can also try and get their contact details so as to help you update your customer database.
  • Free sampling: Free samples are always welcome by everyone. Nevertheless, at DBS Next Level, we will also make sure the recipients of free samples are made aware of the benefits of such products and would be interested in buying the same once they consume the samples. We will make sure they understand what they should do in order to order the product in future. We will get their contact details so that you will be able to get in touch with them whenever you launch a new product, which you think they may be interested in.

Our Projects:

We have undertaken and completed several projects successfully. Some of them include:

  • Water and sanitation hygiene
  • Reproductive child health
  • Annual health survey
  • Aids awareness
  • Aanganwadi Asha
  • Blood collection
  • National family health survey
  • Aids baseline
  • Parivar Seva Sanstha
  • Catholic relief survey
  • Condom awareness
  • Health and welfare awareness
  • District level household survey
  • Aanganwadi dieting plan for child
  • Child immune vaccination
  • Cigarette awareness

How we work?

The main objective of DBS Next Level behind conducting surveys is to help make the concerned organizations aware of the problems that people are facing and making sure they get all the information that they need in order to take appropriate actions. This is how we work:

  • Firstly we understand your requirements carefully and prepare questionnaires that will give you all the information that you want. At the same time, we make these questionnaires as brief as possible doing away with all the unnecessary information.
  • When we visit people in rural areas, we make a mental note of what we see. We compare this with what they have to say and make sure the information we give you is 100% genuine and accurate.
  • We take efforts to find out the objective behind the kind of information you ask us to collect and we ensure such objectives are achieved successfully with the data that we give you.
  • Depending upon the feedback that we get from you, we improve ourselves for our next survey or project.

About our team:

Our team, at DBS Next Level, consists of dedicated people who are passionate about they work and have a friendly attitude. They understand the objective behind our projects and are genuinely interested in making a difference in the life of people. They have excellent communication skills and possess great fluency in the regional language of Odisha. They deal with people patiently while asking questions and support them in whichever way they can.

  • We have about fifteen years of experience in conducting surveys and completing projects related to social service
  • Our team consists of abouta hundred members including supervisors and field executives
  • Our team members are highly experienced and have complete knowledge and expertise
  • Our team members possess the right communication skills that helps them communicate with both rural as well as the urban audience

Our Infrastructure:

Apart from the perfect team, we also have the right infrastructure that takes us a long way towards success. Our infrastructure includes:

  • An office in Cuttack and Bhubaneswar
  • Desktops and laptops required
  • High-speed Internet connection with Wi-Fi
  • Data back-up system
  • Printers and scanners
  • A hall that we can book whenever we need to brief our teams
  • Excellent network including local auto as well as taxi agents

Why choose us?

DBS Next Level is genuinely interested in collecting information for the sake of betterment of the rural population of Odisha. Our positive attitude and friendly disposure are our assets that help us in dealing with our clients, as well as the people of Odisha. Here are a few reasons that will help you understand why we should be your choice when it comes to surveys and social work projects:

  • We provide accurate reports detailing all the information that you would want
  • We are in excellent terms with government administrators.
  • We can independently handle all aspects of your project
  • We have more than fifteen years of experience in conducting surveys in rural as well as urban area
  • We have come up with a Proven methodology that works successfully
  • We give you tamper-free data that is highly secured. We maintain confidentiality in all our projects.
  • We take a lot of efforts in planning accurately and achieve our objectives through collective teamwork
  • We carefully evaluate the information that we give you
  • We make sure we complete projects much before the deadlines you give us.
  • We do extensive research that is both quantitative and qualitative

Our Clients:


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