Start Your PTC Moneymaking Site

PTC or paid to click are money making websites which acts as a middleman connecting the consumers and the advertisers. People who wish to spread the name of their company, pay an amount to the owner of PTC site in order to display their advertisement from which a part is paid to the people who watch it. If the person signing in and watching the advertisement bring in more people, they are again paid a percentage of money known as referral. This mode of earning is making PTC moneymaking websites quite popular.

Most people when they click and earn money every day, think of having their own website to generate more revenue and this is the reason that you will find new PTC money making sites coming up in the cyber world which has eventually increased the competition. The companies also wish to promote their brand name through these kind of websites because they feel that advertisement in PTC websites will increase their sale and ranking in search engine. Thus, we can be sure that the business of moneymaking site in future is bright.

In the recent years these kind of site has experienced a huge increase in fraudulent clicks, which eventually means expense to the advertisers because they have to pay for each click. Now, the Google is much more conscious in identifying the fraudulent and valid clicks. Even the advertisers look for legitimate site to post their advertisement. This makes the business quite risky because you need to be more careful about the clicks and ensure that your company does not face any problem of fraud.

Who can step into the business of PTC moneymaking Site and what are the things he/she must know for website building:

Anyone who wishes to make money online by advertisement companies can open their site. You need not be a web designer. All you need to know is the PTC script. SEO Training point is one agency were you can join for an online course and be a winner in the profession. The agency is based in Bangalore and they will guide you through the process on how and what are the things you must know. The SEO Training Point experts emphasize on these following points while training you, so that you can gain more knowledge and get started with your business:

  1. The first step when you think about starting a moneymaking site is opening a valid PayPal account. It can be a premium or business account. In the beginning you can start with a premier account because of its lower fee.
  2. One can open a personal pro or business Payza account, making sure that it is valid and has all the details. Personal pro in AlertPay is perfect for beginners.
  3. Now, once valid account is open, you need PTC script. This you can download from different websites, which the experts will guide you through the training process.
  4. Next step is a domain name for your site. There are different sites from where you can get both free and paid domain name.
  5. Once you have the script and domain name you will need a hosting site. This site will host your script. There are many free hosting sites from where you can select one after some research.
  6. Next step is to install the PTC script in the hosting site.
  7. You will also need space to save all your site and advertisement detail. You can also know more about it in detail through experts.
  8. In the database space enter all the details and your site is ready.
  9. Now, you are ready to install the script and get going.

Infrastructure and Marketing Plan:

Today there are a lot of fraudulent websites online thus it becomes difficult to handle the competition and prove people that the one you have started is genuine. People normally look for PTC moneymaking websites where there is a live forum. Forum is a platform where members communicate with each other and share their experience. When you plan to open your own site make sure to have a forum. A proper training session will surely be of great help in knowing the importance of forum and how it works. You must also put some effort to increase its membership, because more the members more will the forum be active.

Keep a contact form in your site which will provide users an access to the admin. Through this form they can convey their queries and you can appoint an admin personal who will promptly answer them. The contact system should be active for the ranking of the website.

You can create blog for your PTC moneymaking site, with proper keyword and beautiful design. With proper SEO you will find organic users coming to your site through Google.

Google owns Youtube thus it gives good ranking to videos uploaded on the platform. You can make use of the platform to promote your site. Create a good video featuring all the benefits and upload it on Youtube. Initially you can ask your family members and friends to watch the video and share it on social networking sites like Facebook. You can also request them to comment and share their views. With peoples comment and interaction on your video, Google will think that it’s interesting and increase the ranking.

There are many classified sites where you can promote your link. You can also post referral links in other PTC websites. But, yes doing all these will surely incur some cost.

Traffic exchange is also a great way of marketing and promoting your PTC moneymaking site. The trick is very simple and all you need to do is visit different websites and leave your views and in return they will do the same. It is a very effective way of improving search raking.

Offline Marketing Plan:

  1. Leave back your computer and get out of the house. You can speak to your friends, neighbors, and family. Let them know how they can be benefited by joining the site. You can be the best salesman because it’s your own business.
  2. You can put the address of your blog in your business card and distribute it among people.
  3. You can also advertise your site through flyers and classified paper.


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