Start Your Own Writing Services

With the advent of internet and information technology, content and business writing services have gained immense popularity. Whether working full time or part time as freelance, writing services have many business opportunities. Websites are an important part of our life today. And as long as these websites continue to rule the corporate, writing services, too, will continue to enjoy enormous business opportunities. There are conditions where all kinds of business fail, something like economic meltdown of 2008-2009, 9/11 attacks etc. Writing services or content management is no exception. But in normal scenario, this is as substantial as any other industry.

Prospects in Writing Services

Media is at its highest point of boom. Business houses are making hay in the shining sun by using both online and offline marketing strategies. Today websites are the face of the company. With easy access to internet even on easy to carry devices like smartphones and tablets, importance of writing services have increased like never before. More and more people consult websites, before buying any product or availing any service. Content writing is a significant part of website development. So, as long as the websites will prevail in the industry, demand for writing services will continue to enjoy its prospects. So, if you aim to start your own business house offering writing services, this is the right time to go ahead with it.

Who Can Start Writing Services

Best part of starting writing services that you do not necessarily need an office set up and there is no inventory cost either. Main costs that you need to bear are for machines, internet connection, some subscriptions to check plagiarism, website development and marketing. This means that with a minimum amount of capital, you can start your own writing services business in work-from-home set up. All you will need are internet access, email, telephone, printer and fax, bank account, and preferably the latest word processing software. Also, you need to know your forte, whether it is content development, resume service or story writing. Initially, you will have to work by yourself. Once you start getting assignments, you can hire freelance writers who can be assigned works. You have to know the websites where you can bid for work. And after satisfying them with your quality output, you can use your networking skills to obtain more works.

Skillsets Required

First of all, you don’t need business license to start writing services on your own. You will need command on the language you want to write in. You do not need to be a master in that, but grammatically correct language is the first and foremost criteria to succeed in creative or business writings. If you are not writing yourself, make sure your writers come up with write ups that are error-free. You can also appoint an editing too. You must know how to price your articles right way. And most importantly, you will need patience and perseverance because it will take some time to get the foothold in the industry. In the meantime, you may face rejections and failures, but you need to be strong and hold on till your business gets strength.

Risks in this Business

Since there is no or very little investments made on this business, so risks are also very low. But problem arises when there is a team to pay and there is no business to work on. So, it is very important to maintain the work quality. Once it deteriorates, you will start losing your goodwill and eventually, your business.


Writing services can be established on a bare basic infrastructure which includes no more than phone and internet connections, computers with word processing software and business essentials that include marketing. However, as you expand your business, you need to work on infrastructure as well. Better machines, large office space, electricity system for mass consumption etc. are just to name a few.

Team Building

As soon as you stop working for yourself due to increased work load, you will need a team to keep up with the task. You need to choose your writers very carefully because it is on them that the success of your business rests. Writers should be creative, proficient in English or whatever language you are working on and with, well versed with SEO techniques and regulations of Google, can work with different software and should possess original ideas and concepts.

Website Building

Best way to reach the greater mass is by making a website of your own. If your name reaches to a prospective client, he or she will try and get some information on you by looking for your website. In absence of a good and search engine optimized website, you will lose the first round of this game. Then comes its quality. If they do not find the content convincing, they will think twice giving you the responsibility of making people believe in their products and services. Such crucial is your online presence and this is the significance of building a good quality of website

Marketing Strategies

Today two kinds of marketing strategies are employed- online and offline. For online marketing, you need to post your ads in classified websites or where bidding takes place. Make a section for ‘testimonial’ in your website and mention what your clients have to say of your work. You can also post your ads in review forums. You can ask your clients for recommendations which really helps in this industry. As a matter of fact, price is the determining factor, but word of mouth comes next to it. If you can earn good name, you will definitely find your way. Offline marketing for writing services means classified pages, brochures, and newsletters. TV commercials or flyers do not work well here.

SEO Training Point

If you have decided to go ahead with writing services, come to Bangalore to SEOTP. Here you will know the basics to venture a new business in writing services. SEOTP is the right place for aspiring entrepreneurs whether they want to try their luck in travel and tourism industry, salon business, boutique, tailoring shop or t-shirt business. SEOTP helps you with theoretical and practical knowledge that you will need in course of your business. They also help you in designing your website so that it enjoys traffic and turn the visits into business. To cut a long story short, if you want success in your new business, get trained with SEOTP. It is new, it is state-of-the-art, its SEOTP.


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