Content writing for quick reference card

Changing the face of quick reference card of your business!

Imagine you are a prospective buyer who has just been handed a hundred and fifty page manual to familiarize yourself with a product or service. Will you go through it, or obligatorily gloss over the contents of the first couple of pages before all your interest in the product wanes? The need to be concise and precise is weighing heavy on the hundreds of pages of a product manual today. Shorter, condensed versions are in demand. It seems like an absurd task to concretize the contents of copious pages in one, but that’s exactly what we can do for you at DBS Next Level.

Why quick reference card?

While the endless pages of a manual can be a tedious read for a prospective buyer, a well-constructed quick reference card will ensure his undivided attention and generate a good deal of interest in your product or service. Also, when the objective is to get the word out and advertise to a greater targeted audience, the efficiency of a quick reference card is unparalleled. Not only will more people read it, but they will also read it more closely.

Why DBS Next Level?

A quick reference card is not merely about composing and creating content, but also designing it in a way that not only engages the eager eye but also catches the casual glance. It is something that requires a professional’s time and touch. At DBS Next Level, we have a workforce of efficient writers who can cut through the clutter and come up with concise and pithy content. Revisions are an important aspect of this creative process, and our writers are always prepared to reword sentences, shorten paragraphs, add or remove a particular section and modify the text to make it fit well within the confines of space.

    • Terse, minimalistic content
    • Customized content structured around client suggestions
    • Thorough market research
    • Three-tier proofreading and editing process

We sincerely believe that words can significantly enthuse, entice and encourage prospective buyers. When it comes to a quick reference card, it is always about making a good first impression and this is where our words can seal the deal for you.


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