Proofreading and Copy-editing

Do you want your write-up to be completely error-free?
Are you looking for a professional proofreading and copy-editing service?
DBS Next Level is at your service!

Your writing, essay or novel can never be complete unless it is edited by a professional proofreader or copy-editor. A professional copy-editor or proofreader will not only correct the spellings and grammar in your writing, he will also improve the quality of writing and make sure it has a continuous flow. When you hire such a service you will also be confident that your writing is perfect without any errors. DBS Next Level is one such service you can choose. We have a team of professional copy-editors and proofreaders who can add that fine touch to your writing, making it error-free.

How DBS Next Level Can help you?

Editing or proof-reading y our writing is not just our job but our passion as well. Every assignment that we take, we ensure complete accuracy and finesse. This is what we can do for you:

  • Revision: Once we receive your work, we will revise the same and remove any unnecessary elements. We will check those facts and correct mistakes if any, in the grammar, continuity or flow. As we do this, we also proofread your work carefully and update it as required. There are a few things we may have to check here.
    • If your writing conveys your main idea concisely?
    • In case there are any extraneous sections, sentences or words?
    • If your introduction is strong enough to make people continue to read?
    • If your text is organized and flows well?
    • If the style and tone are consistent?
    • If the final thought is strong enough?
  • Pre-Editing: After we revise your work, we will tell you what exactly you need to change in order to enhance your writing. We may need to ask you the following questions here
    • Who are your readers?
    • What is the purpose of your writing?
    • What is the length of your text?
    • Is there any deadline and if so when?
    • If any additional material needs to be added?
    • What is the budget you have for copy editing?
  • Editing: We will edit your work word-by-word and line-by-line slowly so that we don’t leave out anything. During this we will check the spellings and grammar, the sentence formation, the clarity of the points, the conciseness of writing, the tone and the style of writing.
  • Review: Here, we will send you the revised draft and the document with the changes tracked so that you can approve the edits that we have made. You can check the accuracy of the facts, look for errors that could be slipped while editing and see to it that the changes that are made convey your intended meaning.

The final copy that we give you will only be the one that is approved by you. We guarantee 100% accuracy and satisfaction when it comes to proofreading and copy-editing.

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