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Do you want to publish an eBook that is well designed?
Are you looking for a professional eBook designing service?
DBS Next Level can help you!

A well designed eBook can help you get more clients and give you that competitive edge to enjoy for a long time. Not everyone may have the skill or the time to design an eBook that looks professional and sophisticated. This is where DBS Next Level can help you in E-Book designing/E-Book shopping cart. We have a team of professional E-Book designing/E-Book shopping cart and content writers who give you the best when it comes to eBooks. We have all the expertise and the experience required for this job and we can assure you complete satisfaction and success.

How DBS Next Level can help you in E-Book designing?

  • Finding out the best way to reach your target audience and providing you expert guidance on the entire process of the eBook development. We can also give you suggestions on the kind of language or style you have to adopt so as to appeal to your target audience.
  • We can make sure your eBook passes all the QA checks on various devices and we will provide you all the support you may need post-project.
  • We can come up with a cover design that looks absolutely professional on your eBook. We can even give you multiple covers if need be. We can make use of the images or stock photos that are provided by you. We can merge images, layer them, manipulate them or even create unique images from the scratch.
  • We will work with you to come up with great looking fonts, borders, image embellishments or background colors that can enhance your eBook’s interior design. This will add to the look and appeal to your audience in a better way. In case you have any specific features in mind, we can work with you and include them in your eBook design in the best possible way.
  • We will help you with the layout, publication design, coding and also print production. We will also help in converting your eBook to the desired format like Kindle, Pdf or epub that is also user-friendly.
  • We also excel in booklet, mini-book and handbook designs that may help many teachers, public speakers, artists, business owners or authors. If you are looking for a sample booklet for marketing, a handbook that can help you with your class or a mini-book that can showcase your work, we can provide all the help that you may require.
  • We can also help you in marketing your eBook as we are well-versed with the best of the digital marketing strategies.
  • A professional eBook designing service can help anyone who wants to publish an eBook. An impressive cover design, a preferred format, a good layout, readable fonts and a simple style can make any eBook a great hit. We, at DBS Next Level, understand this and it is our objective to help you by providing all kinds of support you need to make your eBook a huge success.

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