Content writing for product documentation

Getting value for product documentation!

The technical industry is getting increasingly fast paced with the number of new products being launched at the rate of knots. Consumers are bound to get confused and also become indecisive due to apprehensions of making the wrong buying choices. It is important therefore to chart out the details of the product in both technical and layman terms for the different kinds of users who might be interested in your product. This can be realized through the efficient creation of product documentation. A good product documentation functions like a guiding light, illuminating the way for prospective consumers.

Why product documentation?

A well-written product document will help unlock the powerful features of your product and reveal its true potential to the customer. Often several significant features can go unmentioned by the developer and therefore unnoticed by the user. A comprehensively charted out product document will include also explain in great detail how to make good use of these features. Also, when you provide solid documentation, the customer has a good first impression about your business which stays with him in the long run. Product documentation is also a cost-effective way of handling customer concerns and queries by answering most of the frequently asked questions well in advance.

Why DBS Next Level?

A lot of business owners have been guilty of asking their own developers to write product documentation. The logic behind this is an unmistaken one – only the developers would know their products the best. But it becomes a marketing hara-kiri when developers fail to provide a user-centric product document. At DBS Next Level, our competent team of technical writers study and understand the functionalities of your product, and present them in a way that would appeal to the intended user. Our writers have the perfected the art of technical writing through the adept use of terms, techniques and language skills.

  • User-specific content
  • Customized content built upon client suggestions
  • Complete market research
  • Three-tier proofreading and editing process
  • Unmediated communication with the writer, if desired

Product documentation is not an advertising afterthought or something that you can whimsically include in the last minute. Get in touch with DBS Next Level to make the most of this marketing tool and boost your sales because every step counts towards the results you aim in future!


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