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Lead generation is a process that will give you all the information you need in order to increase your sales, expand your business, look for new clients or do some specialized research that will help your business. Leads refer to names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses of agencies, individuals, institutions or corporations. You can take these leads from internet directories or telephone directories. You can even contact a company that specializes in lead generation. Many real estate agents, insurance companies, wholesalers, private investigators, marketing firms, educational institutions and research scientists rely on such companies for leads. DBS Next Level is one such company.

DBS Next Level does extensive research before giving you the leads that you need. We also check the validity of each and every lead before we hand them over to you. We do not use Trojans or spyware to collect information about target audience in order to generate leads. We also do not resort to tactics like spamming or unsolicited email advertising as this may blacklist us. We provide only those leads that can result into conversions. For this, we do put in a lot of efforts and time from our side.

How do we generate lead for your business?

Lead generation is the heart of any business. Whether you want to hunt down for bigger target markets or wish to serve the existing one better- there are no way you can avoid lead generation? But generating leads is not an easy task that any MBA in marketing can do. You need seasoned hands to assist you in this drive. We offer the following 5 ways of generating leads of our clients:

    • PPC ( pay-per-click advertising)

Are you an e-commerce based start-up of Bangalore (or any other city in India)? Then remember that PPC will make the best medium to generate leads for your business. On the other hand, even if you are seasoned business owner, PPC works like a charm to maintain the flow of strong leads for your site- that converts into traffic itself. Believe in us to extricate PPC benefits to maximum amount for you.

    • E-mail marketing

Do you know that in 2014, 84% online customers agreed in a survey (conducted by a consultant) that they relied heavily on e-mail marketing for their purchase decision? Like a bottle of old wine, the value of e-mail marketing as a technique of lead generation, is on the upward rise. Forget what the cynics tell about its datedness and give us a call to give your age-old e-marketing campaign a new makeover.

    • Tele calling

The importance of tele calling (or popularly named as cold calling) is not over yet. The secret behind successful tele calling techniques lies with timing. We offer you the best tele calling service on behalf of your company. We have years of experience in the field of cold calling that will bring 100% lead generation for your business.


To tap the potential of the young consumers, there is nothing viable than SMS (or short-message-service) in order to generate lead. Do you know that the probability of the consumer to open up a sms and read it is 95%? We offer you the cutting-edge sms software as well as content that will generate leads like a dream.


  • Corporate tie-ups


Corporate tie-up is one of the effective techniques of lead generation for B2B selling. We can host live webinars as well as online live demos for your products on your behalf. In this way, both your time and money will be saved and you shall receive crackling lead generation in return.

How do we make sure our data is verified, clean and qualified?

In order to succeed, your lead generations drive needs cleansed and qualified data. This process needs time, top class skills in using algorithm and avant garde software. We offer you the wholesome package of verifying, cleaning and qualifying data for your lead generation drive.

Both automation and verification of data are crucial for a successful lead generation campaign. If you are small or medium sized company or a start-up, looking ways to make your customer-base bigger, then qualified data will be your weapon. In addition, the sharp marketing brains and sharper tools in DBS Next Level are ready to give that to you.

Why go with DBS Next Level for lead generation?

  • We are experts in generating leads by using the right strategies and methods. We know the right ways to conduct research and come up with genuine leads that are actually interesting in buying your product.
  • The amount of leads that we can give you is huge when compared to those that you can generate on your own. Also, our leads will all be up-to-date.
  • This will save a lot of time and efforts on your part. It is also more cost-effective when compared to running a campaign on your own.
  • We will make sure your leads respond quickly. Our staff has all the expertise needed for this, be it through emails or tele-marketing.
  • We can qualify your leads instantly and feed the information right away into your CRM without wasting your time on things like data-input, scoring or follow-up.
  • When you want to introduce a new product or launch a new service we will give you a wider market to try out the response. This will increase your visibility and help you understand your target audience.
  • We give you error-free data when it comes to leads as we have our staff that is dedicated to editing and updating the data.
  • We can help you expand your business by providing you international scope. This will help in maximizing your revenue too.
  • We can even help you with lead-nurturing as we will know the right ways to make these leads respond.

Apart from the above, we will also help in creating a good impression of your brand in the minds of the leads and increase their brand loyalty. You will get only the best when you connect with DBS Next Level.

Make DBS Next Level your lead generation partner and start reaping the benefits right away!


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