E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing:

Are you a small or medium enterprise with limited budget for product promotion? Do you want to increase the visibility of your business as you are on the start-up phase? Then e-mail promotional campaign is the best option for you- in terms of increasing visibility while doing it in an inexpensive way. With the advent of social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, many marketing experts predicted that the age of e-marketing was gone. But has it really happened? Even Twitter notifies you via e-mail if your account gains a follower! So the bottom part is that- e-mail marketing is here to stay and with the passage of time, it will become stronger only.

E-mail campaign achieves many goals with a single shot. Do you want to retain your loyal customer right now instead of branching out the business? Or are you confident to acquire new customer base? In both the cases, e-mail promotional campaign can be applied fruitfully. DBS Next Level is the go-to name in India- when it comes too marketing via e-mails. Before you delve deep into our service, go through the following points to know the A-Z of the current scenario of e-mail campaigns.

What are the different types of target-based e-mails?

Target based e-mail marketing offers a plethora of benefits. The most important is- you can strategize your marketing plan more systemically, scientifically and logically. It saves your time and investment and shows you a clear direction about the path you are taking. But what are the segregation of various target based e-mail marketing campaigns. The three of the them are listed below which are currently making waves in the world of e-mail campaign for product promotion.

1. Behavioral targeting e-mail marketing

This marketing plan is based upon the behavior of the customers. Depending upon that, you choose your own target base to send your e-mails. Suppose you run a fashion site that sells clothes to women. If a particular customer has visited the web page containing clothes for plus-sized women for the last 3 months, but has not purchased any; then you can send her e-mails containing different offers, discounts and inclusion on the plus-size fashion segment. Sounds difficult? Not so, if you take the help of DBS Next Level. We mix and match different combination of techniques, tracking methods and web analytics to bring to you the best result.

2. Geo-location based e-mail marketing

Geo –targeting is the most avant-garde e-mail campaign method that brings upon huge return-on-investment. Suppose, you run a bakery in Bangalore and a particular part of the city has high concentration of young working professionals who frequently order cakes, chocolate or other savories from your bakery. The geo-targeted e-mail campaign will provide you with the chance to serve that particular segment better by making them aware about your new offering and various discounts. We present you a bouquet of advantages when it comes to geo-targeted marketing in terms of- keywords specific to a particular location, consumer behavior analysis, search history and ground research.

3. Customer’s current and future value-based e-mail marketing

In this way, you can design your e-mail campaign by analyzing the current and the future value of the customerbase. This method can also be called e-mail campaign based on the loyalty of the customers. Does the customer belong to the most-valuable segment or does he come from the segment that has most growth potential? Is she a one-time shopper with low chance with repeat shopping? These are some of the metrics that can help you in designing e-mail campaign depending upon the customer’s current as well as future value. And we are the service provider to come as we take help of cutting-edge web analytics and matrix to solve this riddle.

The benefits of using e-mail marketing to promote your product

There are numerous benefits of e-mail marketing campaigns. 4 of them are listed below-

  • The fantastic return-on-investment (ROI) that one can extricate from a successfully executed e-mail campaign is the main reason behind its global popularity. It’s estimated in 2011 by Direct Marketing Association that if a marketer spends $1 on an e-marketing campaign, then the ROI would be around $40. So you can well imagine that with the assistance of a seasoned digital marketing service provider like ours, your e-mail campaign will soar envious height.
  • Email as the vehicle of online marketing is extremely cheap. If you are small or medium enterprise, then with the help of the e-mail campaigns, you can reach out to the customers from another part of the globe and how! We believe in cost-effective methods when it comes to e-mail marketing service in Bangalore and other city of India. Based upon your experience on our free trial, you can go ahead with the plan.
  • E-mail marketing leverages on impulse buying. If you are in the fashion of e-commerce space of India, you will know that how tempting it would be for the buyer, if you design lucrative e-mail marketing campaign that can play with her fantasy. With the help of marketing e-mail subscription, a buyer can choose a pretty dress or any other home-décor item via single click and buy it. With the help of our team, you can customize your e-mail campaign so that your customer enjoys the maximum benefit from the comfort of her home.
  • E-mail campaigns are easy to jazz up with videos, color, logos, texts and lay-outs. But for that, you need to zero upon on a seasoned digital marketing service provider who has years of experience in this domain. We take utmost care when it comes to designing the look of the e-mail campaign for our client. With us, rest assured that you will the reap the benefits of maximum lead generation via your e-mail campaign.

What DBS Next Level can do to your e-mail marketing campaign?

  • We understand your marketing goals. We are into the business of web-based solutions for the last 15 years. From digital marketing to web development, from content writing service to design e-mail marketing campaigns we have a prime presence in Bangalore and other city of India. Before launching the best e-mail marketing campaign for your product, we will analyze your marketing goal thoroughly. From learning about your product specifications to knowing your future plan about it- we are always eager to know your business better.
  • We offer e-mail marketing service to different segments of industries. Are you a start-up and want to increase the visibility of your business in Bangalore and other city of India? Or are lead generation and sales conversion on your mind only? We understand that these two situations need two separate e-mail marketing campaigns completed with different features and prices. We first understand what the need of your business according to e-mail marketing and act on the basis of this information.
  • Apart from designing the best e-mail marketing service for your product, we are a pro when it comes to offering Google analytics consulting service. Which metrics or combination of metrics is best for your service like – lead generation, ROI, conversion rates and so on? Our expert team of analysts will be a great assistance for you when it comes to providing you with the resources through which you can keep a track on the results of your e-mail marketing campaign.
  • DBS Next is the one company in India that presents you with the benefit of cost review for your e-mail marketing campaign. We don’t want you to over-spend for the campaign. But do keep it in mind that a solid e-mail marketing campaign comes with a reasonable price on its head. So with DBS Next, you will have the opportunity to go through the expenditure plan of this e-mail marketing campaign again and again.
  • Again we provide you with the option of free-trial during the first time you use our demo e-marketing campaign. If you like with the result, its effectiveness and its ease of usage you can certainly move further with us for the collaboration. If you don’t like it, you will not be pestered.
  • We offer you a mixed bag of prices that is truly unique in all the other e-mail marketing services offered by its peers. We have a maximum plan as well as minimum plan for the client. If you want customized service, then you have the freedom to choose the size of your subscribers-base. Depending upon the size, the cost of the package will depend.
  • Another important that has become inseparable with us is that our customer service different is one of the best in India. We provide you with supremely accessible customer service that includes live chat option, video tutorials, e-mail as well as phone-call support. During the time we design your e-mail marketing campaign, you can always keep a track on the progress of your project. It’s the mantra of DBS Next Level, to keep the customer on the loop.



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