Campus drive

Do you want to hear fresh graduates to fill in your company vacancies?
Are you looking for a service that can handle campus drives for you?
DBS Next Level can help you with that!

Campus drives are the best ways to hire fresh graduates from college to fill in the vacancies of organizations. At DBS Next Level, we employ a dedicated team that will work in close co-ordination with your organization and the colleges in order to deliver excellent campus drives that will be beneficial both for you and for the students. While we optimize the job opportunities for the students of the colleges we have partnered with, we will also reduce your efforts to look for the perfect candidates.

How DBS Next Level can help you

Campus drives involve a lot of procedures that may be time-consuming and require lot of efforts from your side. DBS Next Level can take over all these procedures and in the best possible way. This is how we can help you:

  • We can filter candidates by conducting written tests and group discussions. Once we do this, we can shortlist the best candidates for you to select from. This will reduce your work and help you in finding you the best of the best. This method of filtering candidates works better than filtering their resumes. We can also conduct online tests that will be quick and accurate.
  • We will make sure we give an accurate job description that will describe your expectations from the candidates. This will give you a competitive edge against the other companies that organize campus drives in the same colleges where we conduct the drives.
  • Apart from impressive job descriptions, we also give pre-placement talks that lure candidates to make our campus drives a huge success. This will improve the impression of your company and also make the students feel that your company is an exciting one to work for. Such talks will give them an insight into the kind of projects they will have to work on and how such a job will help in shaping up their careers. We will also talk about some interesting technology as well as market trends that will add to their excitement.
  • We can help you in conducting smart interviews that are not only effective but also fast. We can conduct two interviews per candidate in order to hire the right ones. Apart from programming puzzles and questions, we also use the Github profiles of candidates and their open source contributions in order to filter them. We always prepare ourselves with a set of large questions so that repetitions are as few as possible. We will manage the interview slots in an organized manner so that the waiting time of the candidates is as less as possible. This will help the candidates perform better during their interviews.

Campus drives could be strenuous and time-consuming; but they need not be so, with DBS Next Level into the picture. We will help you handle things as smoothly and efficiently as possible and give you only the results that you deserve.

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