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Standees are usually big self-standing promotional items that are usually used at point of sales. You would have seen a couple of these in cinema theatres or shopping malls. A Standee could be either a self-standing poster or even a 3D device that has lights and moving parts. You can even find Free standing Display Units or FSDUs that can be placed almost anywhere. Standees can be printed on display boards, foam core, correx, Foamex, Forex Smart, MDF, DiBond (ACM Sheet) or corrugated boards. DBS Next Level can give you well-designed standees that are of high quality.

How can Standees help?

Standees are usually placed at places which your target audience visits. They are big and bold and usually eye-catching, which makes it easier to catch the attention of your audience. The chances of conversions are higher here as you always have the flexibility of placing these wherever you want. You can make use of these Standees in the following ways:

    • You can put these up at point of sales. If these places have stocked your products for sale, a standee placed somewhere near the entrance will capture the attention of the visitors who will be lured to buy the products displayed there in. This will increase your sales considerably.
    • You can place these at exhibitions or trade shows. In case you have a stall in an exhibition or a trade show, you can place a standee somewhere near the entrance so as to invite the people to visit your stall and know more about your products.
    • You can also place standees at an event, which you may or may not have sponsored.

Apart from the above, you can also place standees at themed parties, press releases, conferences and so on.

How DBS Next Level can help with your Standee?

DBS Next Level has a team of professionals who have been providing marketing support to a lot of clients as well as agencies. We can give you:

      • Quality output: We understand quality plays a very important role in the success of any business. A high quality standee is more likely to capture the attention of visitors and create a good impression of your company in their minds.
      • Quick Turnaround: By designing an impressive and eye-catching Standee we will make sure it catches the attention of all the visitors and lure them into buying your products or services.
      • Excellent Customer Service: Customer satisfaction is our main priority and we will go all the way to serve you and help you achieve your goals. We will be there with you at each and every step of your marketing campaign.
      • Flexibility: We understand that every client has different needs. Accordingly we customize our services to cater to your needs. Flexibility in serving is one of our core strengths and we will make sure you will get benefitted by the same.

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