Do you want to host an exhibition in Bhubaneshwar?

It is not so easy to host an Exhibition especially if you are hosting it for the very first time. There are many things to take care of such as choosing a venue, identifying the target audience according to your niche, deciding on the right methods to reach the target audience, promoting your exhibition, contacting the right companies to put up stalls in your exhibitions, making proper arrangements to organize the exhibition and setting up volunteers at the right points to make sure things go smoothly. We, at DBS Next Level can help in hosting your exhibition, organize things for you and execute the same successfully.

An exhibition can be hosted to promote your products, your talent or your services. There could be just one seller or many. It could be a trade exhibition or a consumer exhibition. Trade exhibitions are exhibitions that are hosted to cater to the needs of a particular business, product or a country. Such exhibitions are attended by invitees only. Consumer exhibitions involve a wide range of products that are displayed and sold to general public. These include furniture fairs, home appliances, and handicraftor jewelry exhibitions and so on. Exhibitions are great ways to reach out to your target audience and create brand awareness among public. They will also help in business to business trading and in creating a customer database for your business.

How DBS Next Level can help you?

  • We will help in choosing a venue that is convenient to you and accessible to your target audience. We will make sure there are good public transportation facilities to the venue and we will make all the arrangements at the venue.
  • We will help in promoting your exhibition through newspapers, flyers, posters, signage and also social media. We can also help in getting the promotional material designed and printed so that maximum public can be lured to attend the event.
  • If you are thinking of including more sellers in your exhibition, we will help in contacting the right companies and helping them set up stalls in the exhibition. We will make sure we have enough volunteers who will help in the process on the day of the exhibition.
  • We will help in the registrations so that people find it convenient to enter the venue. If needed, we can also help them fill up forms that can give you the necessary details to fill up your customer database.
  • We can also help in collecting valuable feedback from visitors which will help us in preparing for the next exhibition in a better manner. Surveys or questionnaires if any can be taken care of too.
  • We will take care of the security arrangements and the parking arrangements at the venue so that there won’t be any unwanted issues or problems.
  • We will plan accurately for contingencies and make the necessary arrangements to handle critical situations.

Contact us at DBS Next Level to host your exhibition successfully!


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