Content writing for direct mailer (DM)

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Direct mailers are not only flexible but also very economical. Traditionally this mode of marketing has been used extensively to build a strong sense of rapport with the customer and gradually build on such interpersonal relationships. If you are looking to generate leads, introduce a newly launched product or simply reconnecting with an erstwhile client, the utility and effectiveness of direct mailers is truly unparalleled. The virtual world has sadly severed the consumer from such tried-and-true tools of marketing, but the revival of direct mailers as more than just a subsidiary marketing tool has more reasons than one.

Why direct mailers?

First and foremost, this is probably one of those rare marketing media which strikes an effective balance between a targeted approach and a mass outreach. Tangibility is another crucial advantageous aspect of direct mail marketing. It is this physical tangibility of the mail form that bridges impersonal gaps between the buyer and the seller. The message arrives straight into the hands of your prospective buyer and depending upon the level of customization, you get closer to your audience. While emails today have become increasingly easy to disregard or even block, the actual physical presence of a mail is hard to overlook.

How we help you writing direct mailer (DM)

At DBS Next Level, we house a team of writers who are trained and specialized in the art of composing great content for direct mailers. The tangible aspect of a direct mailer does give it an edge over other forms of marketing, but in order to capitalize on this personal nature of mail you must employ highly customized content that will surely impact your audience and significantly boost your sales.

  • Relevant, powerful content
  • Customized content built upon client suggestions
  • Complete market research
  • Three round of revisions
  • Reasonable rates
  • Unmediated communication with the writer, if desired

At DBS Next Level, we truly believe that content is king. If your direct mailer is written meticulously taking a wide range of market factors into account, there will be a bee line of end users and subscribers at your door step in no time.


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