Maximize customer engagement through content writing

Customer engagement content

Customer engagement (or CE) is building a close relationship between the customer and the brand- both online and offline. While offline CE is expensive and time-consuming, the online customer engagement practice is instantly gratifying and assures more sales conversions in this era of eCommerce. But it all boils down to one point- the quality of content be it in the form of social networking sites, newsletters or e-mail campaign.

How poor customer engagement content may fail your business?

Customer engagement is the need-of-the-hour for any business. With the advent of start-ups, the entrepreneurship scene in India is extremely chaotic right now. To stand apart, increase the quality of your product and the standard of your marketing content. CE is a powerful tool that reminds the customers that your service is there for them, on a regular basis. Not only that, customer engagement is a practice that strengthens the bond between the company and the customer -that in turn leads to an increase in sales conversion. So in this respect, you can well imagine what can be the consequences if the level of customer engagement is poor. It will lead to:

  • Disinterest for your product amidst the customers
  • No word-of-mouth publicity or visibility for your business
  • A stagnation in sales and losing out to competitors in terms of revenue

The solutions lie in strategizing the customer engagement correctly and excel in the quality of the content. DBS Next Level is the right organization that can do that for you, irrespective of the industry you belong to.

The importance of customer engagement notes: Five parts you should not miss

Customer engagement (CE) is the combination of many marketing tools such as privileges, offers, personal notes, mass email that remind the customer about the company, its other services and products. As the attention span of consumers is becoming fleeting, customer engagement is becoming all the more important. There are multiple ways of CE but the following 5 are the creams of the lot.

1. Newsletters will engage the customers for each month

When it comes to customer engagement, newsletters take the cake. If you want to grab the attention of your existing customers, then newsletter should be your primary tool. It is sometimes hard to decide whether you want a monthly newsletter for your company or a fortnightly one. Whether you prefer the former or the latter- do keep it in mind that the statement of the newsletter has to be short, simple and straightforward.

With DBS Next Level, you can churn out your company newsletter like a pro. Our vast experience in the web medium for the past 15 years including the experience in working with diversified eCommerce sites; have morphed us into the master of wring engaging newsletters. Hire us to have the best product at your kitty to attract the target customer base more towards your company.

2. Do not underestimate the power of good, old e-mails and replies

If you look at the benefits that the art of writing promotional e-mail offers and how easily it leverages the CE —you will want to go for an e-mail promotion overhaul for your business. Writing e-mail about promotional stuff regarding your products or to reply to any customer-query is cheapest, quick and has a global reach. But what’s the secret behind a rocking art of promotional e-mail writing?

The answer definitely lies with quality content. Right now, the search engine giants like Google, Bing are putting more emphasis on quality of the promotional e-mails than the clever placement of keywords. We offer you a pool of talented content writers that is capable of churning out pure, classy and engaging content that will keep the customers hooked to your business.

3. Reminders work best in social media

Reminders are the accumulation of various online and offline marketing tools that keep the consumers reminded about your services and brand. While the offline reminders are expensive and take time to build, it is all the more economical to concentrate upon the online reminders. Whether its e-mail marketing campaign or sending personal message to your customer reminders can come in many forms. But the best one has to be the posting in social media sites like Facebook or Twitter.

We can be your vehicle for words when it comes to reminders marketing. The first condition of effective reminder marketing is that it has to be short and sweet. No customers like to go through lengthy pieces in this busy day and age. Moreover, our content writers know how to weave words within a box!

4. Keep the customers on loop with offers

Letting the customers know about your offers is an important part of customer engagement. But like writing an ad copy needs presence of mind, thinking out-of-the-box and the most eye-grabbing headline ever; writing for offers and deals is also the same. You need to put a catchy headline that should force the customer to go through the rest of the e-mail and learn about offers. Apart from the weightage of the words, the layout, texts and background color also determine its fate.

With us, you can surely hit the bull’s eye when it comes to CE via fresh content regarding offers. Our writers follow the KISS (keep it simply, stupid) principle and will let the reader know straightaway but in a charming manner.

5. The educational stuff has to read interesting

Merging education and marketing is not easy. Want to engage your customer in the strongest way possible? Then educate them about your company and your product. Take help of photo galleries, virtual tours, interactive blogs and articles and spread out the wings of your business in every corner of the globe. But what is the common pattern among them? It has to be the quality of the content.

We present you the best quality content when it comes to educational marketing of your product. Want the site blogs cool and informative to the customers? Wish the readers to subscribe to the in-house articles? Hire us to bring on the best content wiring service on the table.

Do it in DBS Next Level way

  • DBS Next Level is a force to reckon with in India when it comes to providing the customers with web-based solutions. Our content writing service for customer engagement is another proof of excellence from our team. The numerous positive testimonials by satisfied clients are the proofs for that.
  • We love to get down and get our hands dirty when the need for research knocks on the door. We listen to our client intently to bring out the best solutions. If you hire us for the customer engagement writing service, we will conduct the necessary homework to know everything about your product and the services your company has to offer.
  • Our pool of content writers is the best of the lots. We painstakingly choose our writers so that they can bring the best skills on the table. Whether its lucid language to contemporary words to engaging tone our writers are equally comfortable in each outlet.
  • Time and money are the two most important priorities for us. We offer the best economic price that is available in the market to our consumers. On the other hand, respecting the deadline is another motto that is ingrained in our work ethic.

The things we bring on the table for you

  • Customer centricity is the key part of any customer engagement project. Customer-centric means the message of every outlet should scream out the benefits that the customer would enjoy from your product. You should not center the message on bragging about your company at all. Moreover, who can do it better than the talented team of writers in DBS Next Level?
  • Our contents are fresh, up-to-date and pinpoint the customer’s needs in the most practical way. Whether it is a newsletter, e-mail campaign or reminder- believe in us to customize the content that will suit the individual needs of your organization.
  • The content generated by our team is high on customer engagement as well as customer retention. If you were a small or medium enterprise, then it would be best for you build a loyalty program for your existing consumers. Our writers know the secret behind retaining the existing customer base via weaving of words- be it through social networking sites or e-mail campaigns.


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