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Add value and power to business reference guide

Manuals can often become dull and dreary due to their over-explanatory nature. One could argue that it is precisely the point of including a manual along with the product – to dumb down the functionalities of a consumer good as so as to avoid any possible confusion. But what about the numerous impatient users who are well acquainted with most of the basics and justifiably get irritated with the excessive information? Well, fortunately, reference guides have come to their rescue.

Why reference guide?

A reference guide is an effective marketing tool that is slowly but steadily replacing the age old manual as a more user-friendly guide to knowing and understanding a new product or service. As explained above, you need them because nobody likes to read verbose, oversimplified manuals anymore. But that is not at all. Reference guides can be extremely effective in engaging a greater targeted audience simply because quality terse writing ensures greater attention and generates more sales.

Why DBS Next Level?

The crafting of reference guides incorporates both values of simplification and linguistic sharpness. Brevity should not necessarily make a text obscure. Your reference guide content has to be simple enough to be comprehended at a casual glance and succinct enough to cover adequate information in the space of a couple of pages. Our copywriters choose the perfect words by taking into account practical considerations such as limited text space, layout design, product profile, client suggestions, etc.

    • Concise, relevant content
    • Customized content built upon client suggestions
    • Thorough market research
    • Three-tier proofreading and editing process

We can work around your schedule and be constantly in touch with you to discuss the contents of the reference guide. There is no bar on the number of revisions you can request, and our copywriters will take good care of the revisions and alterations whenever required. If you are looking for a reference guide that will separate you from the rest and get you noticed, feel free to get in touch with us.


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