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Get more value for your banners!

Banner ads are advertisements placed strategically on websites which often occupy a conspicuous space on the top half of the webpage. A banner is more important than a conventional display ad due to their large size which can often be twice the length of normal ads. They also entail a greater cost than usual ads due to their high rate of conversions. The ads that show up on different sites are all extracted from a single advertising network which tactically positions different advertisements on a website’s banner slot with every page reload. Each time a page is loaded an ‘impression’ is registered as the visitor views your banner ad.

Why Banners?

Banner advertising can a go long way in establishing and growing brand awareness of your product among your targeted audience. This is possible through the constant circulation of your banners on different websites with good traffic. Targeting appropriate banner sites will ensure that your message is being disseminated within the relevant consumer circles. Although there is some ongoing speculation regarding the efficiency of banner ads and how it will fare in the future, it is a tried-and-true marketing tool that is going to pay rich dividends if utilized with utmost sincerity and craft.

Why DBS Next Level?

While targeting the right banner hosting sites seems to be the primary task, there is more to banner marketing than meets the eye. As in every marketing method, the employment of banners too necessitates quality content. A banner ad has to be appealing and not annoying. Our writers at DBS Next Level keep in mind the fact that the visitor is not necessarily always going to be a prospective customer. It is therefore important to craft content that can engage even the most disinclined of visitors and draw customers into the banner ad.

  • Precise and powerful content
  • Customized content structured around client suggestions
  • Wide range of industries covered, from gadgets to garments
  • Thorough market research
  • Unlimited number of revisions
  • Three-tier proofreading and editing process
  • Reasonable rates
  • 24 x 7 client service
  • Unmediated communication with the case study writer, if desired

Our banners have been generating substantial revenue over the years for our clients. Get in touch with DBS Next Level to reap similar benefits in no time.


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