Content writing for battle card

Content writing for battle card

More Value and Worth for battle card

Consumers today are well aware that no product or service is truly unique. There is enough competition in the market to choose a particular kind of product from. But that doesn’t mean your product cannot be turned into something exceptional and unprecedented. Though the onus lies on the shoulders of sales force, it is up to you whether you want a well-coordinated sales team or a group of confused individuals failing to close deals. If you wish to make your business a success in the long run, you have to take your competition seriously and prepare your sales team accordingly. Battle cards are a perfect solution.

Why Battle Card?

Battle cards compare the strengths and shortcomings of your product or service in a highly structured and systematic manner against several competitors in the industry. They point out in sufficient detail the good aspects about your company that the sales stuff must emphasize on and the weaknesses that they must avoid prudently. This will ensure that every member in your sales force is harping on the same positive notes and improving their performances significantly. Needless to say, an improvement in the overall performance of your sales team will consolidate your business’ position in the industry. A battle card will include competitive intelligence and information such as product features, price comparisons, areas of application, success stories, end user benefits, aspects of advertising etc.

Why DBS Next Level?

Battle cards are crucial if you want to stay ahead of your competition. At DBS Next Level, we study your competitors and develop quality battle cards for your sales team to be familiar with all the information that they will require to successfully close deals. Content is key when it is a matter of instructing your staff about the dos and don’ts. Our writers compile customized content that can undergo as many revisions as the client would request.

  • Lucid, informative content
  • Customized content structured around client suggestions
  • Wide range of sales guides covered, from product descriptions to sales scripts
  • Unlimited number of revisions
  • Three-tier proofreading and editing process
  • Reasonable rates
  • 24 x 7 client service
  • Unmediated communication with the writer, if desired

Get in touch with us DBS Next Level benefit from our writing services. We will provide you with outstanding battle cards to outsmart all your competition. After all, it’s always quality that presides everything else!


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